What’s The Simplest Way To Recover Notes From iCloud Backup?

By | December 22, 2017

I am devastated to find that the iOS 11 update deleted all my notes, and I believe that apple should have warned us this could happen and fixed the issue (I’ve seen posts about this since the beta was released), I need to know exactly how to retrieve all my notes. I hope they are in the cloud, but I don’t know how to find them. Can someone give me step-by-step instructions, please?

the easiest way to restore notes from icloud backup

iOS users are accustomed to using Notes App to record daily life, such as recording various passwords, work schedule, shopping list, etc. Losing notes could cause great inconvenience for them. Even though we know there are some use manuals guiding apple users to recover notes with iTunes/iCloud backup. However, many new apple users can hard to understand Apple technology. So they may wonder is there a simplest way to recover notes from iCloud backup. Absolutely yes! With the help of iFonebox, it won’t be a difficulty.

iFonebox which is a professional iOS data recovery software, can recover up to 17 kinds of data from device or backup with not losing any existing data on your device. In addition to that, you’re allowed to extract the specific data from backup as you want and download them to computer for further reading. So you don’t have to wait a long time to complete the installation. That’s why it is the easiest way to restore notes from iCloud backup. Furthermore, iFonebox is also a preeminent data transferring tool, it can be a good helper for you to back up target data from device to your computer in order to get back more storage. What a fantastic program!

iFonebox works well on almost all iOS devices, including iPhone X. There are two versions available: Mac version and Windows version. Just download the free trial version of the program and have a try. Then you will actually recognized it as the quickest and safest way to get notes back from iCloud backup.




Step one: Run iFonebox and enter your Apple ID

Run the program, then just click the “Recover from iCloud Backup” at the top right of the software. You’ll be asked to sign in with your Apple ID account and password correctly.

Recover from iCloud1

Step two: Download data from iCloud backup

After you have selected an iCloud backup to download, it will start the downloading process. You can select all to download.


Step three: Scan data

Click on “Notes” icon to start scanning automatically. It will take some time, you should wait patiently.

iCloud backup-select icon to scan1

Step four: Preview and recover data

Now you can select the notes you want and click “Recover to PC” or “Recover to device”, then the instruction is accomplished.



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