What If You Can’t Watch Videos From The iTunes Store Or Third-party Apps?

By | February 11, 2019

When I try to watch videos on the internet with my MacBook, they stop loading about half way through. It’s only when I’m watching on the internet, like on youtube. I can’t watch whole tutorials or movie trailers on Apple, either, since it stops buffering. What should I do?

unable to watch video content from itunes store or third-party apps

Learn what to do if you can’t watch a movie or TV show over a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

  • Restart your device

Restart your device, then try to stream or download your content again.

  • Check your Internet connection

If you’re currently using a cellular connection, try to connect to Wi-Fi.

  • Check the activity on your home network

If family members or friends are using the same Internet network, ask them to temporarily pause their Internet activities.

When multiple devices use the same Internet network for intensive activities such as gaming, video streaming, or backing up, it might slow down the speed of your local network.

  • Try watching on another device

See if you can stream your movie or TV show on another device using the same Wi-Fi or cellular connection. If you can’t, the issue might be with your network and not your device.

  • Check for service interruptions

Check to see if the iTunes Store has a service interruption, or check a third-party provider’s website to see if they list any interruptions.

If there are service interruptions, try to stream or watch the video later.

  • Try downloading the video instead

If you’re having trouble streaming your video content, you can also download the video1. Purchases from the iTunes Store and some third-party apps can be downloaded in the background instead and watched later. However, your ability to download the video depends on the file size and the amount of storage available on your device.

Note: Downloading a video might take longer before you can start watching than if you stream it, but will allow you to watch the video all the way through without interruptions.

  • Report a problem

If your purchased movie, TV show, or rental content still won’t play after trying the steps in this article, you can report a problem.

  • For third-party apps, try contacting the streaming video content provider.

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