Top 3 iOS Software To Restore Only Contacts From iCloud Backup

By | March 19, 2015


“Hello, I deleted all my contact on my iPhone 6.  How can I restore only contacts from icloud? Thanks for your help. iPhone 6, iOS 8.2”

Obviously, this user deleted some contacts on his iPhone 6 and he wanted to restore the lost contacts from iCloud backup files, only contacts not the whole backup files. In fact, when you only restore contacts from iCloud backup to iPhone, it is difficult. You have to rely on a third party software to selective restore contacts or other data from your iCloud backup or iTunes backup. Keep reading here and learn more in case you need it one day.

What does a third party software mean?

When we say a third party software, we usually mean iOS Data Recovery software. Such tools can be used to recover deleted data like contacts, notes, messages and more from your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Plus, to extract and restore data like contacts from iTunes or iCloud backup files is no longer a big problem.  So here, as to solve this user’s question, I suggest that he use iFonebox to directly recover and transfer the recovered contacts to his iPhone 6.

How does such software work?

Actually, such iOS data software like iFonebox is quite convenient to operate. The first thing you have to do is to download and install. After that, launch the software and choose Recover from iCloud Backup. Next you have to sign in with Apple ID and passwords, enter the downloading page and after the downloading, the contacts or other data you need are there. Not complicated.

Today, I want to show you top 3 such iOS data recovery software to restore only contacts from iCloud backup.

Top 3: Dr Fone for iOS 

Dr Fone for iOS is the world’s first iOS data recovery software and it is famous and well-received. But during my test, when I scan data from iCloud backup, it always crashes. Maybe this will be fixed in the next version.


Top 2: Auntec iFonebox 

The new released iFonebox 2.0 has been supported to extract and restore data from iCloud backup, which makes iFonebox more and more perfect. One more point, it costs the least among all the iOS data recovery software.


Top 1: Asieesoft FoneLab

Aiseesoft FoneLab is pretty easy to operate and it takes little time to download the iCloud backup files. You can have an overall view of the contacts data from the interface.


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