Tips To Improve iPhone Battery Life After Updated To iOS 8.1.3

By | February 26, 2015


When iOS 8 was released, it had many problems and bugs that Apple Inc had to come up with an update to fix those issues. But new problems will always appear when some bugs are fixed. Now it seems that iOS 8.1.3 drains batteries faster on iPhones and iPads, but there are some tips on how to improve the battery life after you have updated iPhone or iPad to iOS 8.1.3.

Identifying which activity consumes your battery

If you don’t know what applications are eating your battery, find battery usage by launching the Settings app and tapping on General>Usage>Battery Usage. You will see a list of all applications and internal services (Home and Lock screen) that are draining your iPhone’s battery. The problem is with those applications that are not used, but they still consume battery. When you identify them, delete them if you don’t really need them.

Location Services

When installing applications, they require access to location and other information, and our instinct is to say yes, without thinking that this will affect the battery life. Disable location services for all applications by going to Settings>Privacy>Location Services and after that you’ll know what navigation application needs to use location services so you will enable them individually. You should know that in iOS 8 there’s a new setting called While Using the App which will let the application use location services only when you’re using it, not all the time.

Background App Refresh

Along with iOS 7 came the smarter multitasking which allows applications to fetch content in the background and this feature has a big impact on older iPhones. To disable it, go to Settings>General>Background App Refresh>and turn it off for applications that need to update all the time, for example Facebook.

Other features and services that must be turned off

To extend the battery life, you could take into consideration turning off dynamic wallpapers which are putting pressure on the processor, leading to battery drains. If your iPhone has a mediocre battery life, then you shouldn’t use dynamic wallpapers and to turn then off, go to Settings>Wallpaper>Choose Wallpaper and select an image from your photo library, as dark as possible.

Also, disable the motion effects, which are battery killers, by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion and turn on the switch. 

If you don’t update your applications, App Store automatically installs updates in the background. Turn off this option by going to Settings>iTunes and App Store>go to the Automatic Downloads section and turn off the Updates switch.

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