Tips To Fix Bluetooth Problem After Update To iOS 8.2

By | March 30, 2015

Tips To Fix Bluetooth Problem After Update To iOS 8.2

I have an iPhone 6 (64gb) which just updated to the latest OS update (8.2) as of this morning.  Following the installation of this update, my iPhone bluetooth connectivity has been negatively affected.  It will pair with my car’s built-in bluetooth, and says it is connected, will make phone calls etc, but there is NO AUDIO.  I have zero audio with respect to the use of phone AND music functions.  I have tried rebooting the phone with no change.  I have also deleted the device from my car’s bluetooth software and re-discovering/reconnecting it.  That also did not help.

Weeks have been past since iOS 8.2 was released officially. This time, it seems that Bluetooth, WiFi and Battery life are still the three common problems waiting to be fixed. As most iPhone users may know that Bluetooth problem is still a big issue after update to iOS 8.2. As to WiFi and Battery life issues, I have give you some suggestions to fix them in previous article. Today, some tips about how to fix Bluetooth problem after update to iOS 8.2 are shared. Of course, I would appreciate it if you have some other better tips, comment here and share with us.

When it comes to such issues, most iPhone or iPad users will Reset All Settings to fix such a problem. Maybe it hasn’t worked for everyone but at lease some people are claiming success after using it on their iOS devices.

To Reset All Settings on the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, open up your iOS devices and go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. The whole process will take some time and one point to remember, it is necessary to have a backup with iTunes or iCloud before reset, otherwise, you will lose all saved data.

To solve the bluetooth issue with your car, we also recommend resetting Bluetooth in the car if a device fails to pair with the connection in the car. iPhone and iPad users will need to consult the car manually to do this as the process is going to vary based on make and model. Once Bluetooth is reset, try reconnecting the device to the car.

Any new fresh ideas and tips to add here? 

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