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How Can I Recover iPhone Deleted Reminders On iOS 8.4.1?

Today I realized that I am missing around 5 or 6 reminders (that I can remember) from my iPhone 5, (running iOS 8.4.1). Perhaps I just deleted them by accident and now, I need to recover those deleted reminders on iPhone 5, iOS 8.4.1. Can anyone tell me how to recover my iPhone deleted reminders?… Read More »

How To Get Back Disappeared Reminders From iPhone 6?

All of my reminders have disappeared from my iPhone 6 as well as  on my iPad. All of a sudden they all disappeared as well. They are not on my iCloud. I just have an old iTunes backup for those reminders. Help!!!!!!!! I need to get back those reminders. iPhone 6, iOS 8.4 This iPhone 6… Read More »