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Accidentally Erased Text Messages iPhone 7, How To Retrieve?

“hi there, im iPhone 7 user. Today morning I accidentally delete my messages, because I thought it’s a spam. And now I want to restore those messages accidentally deleted this morning. Any idea how to recover it? Thank you!” Generally speaking, if you accidentally delete text messages from iPhone 7 like the user above, do… Read More »

Way To Retrieve Deleted Christmas Messages From iPhone

“I received plenty of Christmas messages from my family and friends and I accidentally deleted them, because I thought they were spam messages. Do you have any idea how to recover lost Christmas messages from iPhone? Those messages make me feel warm and touching. I hope I can restore back and I do not have… Read More »

Messages Keep Disappearing After Upgrade To iOS 9.3.1, How To Restore?

I recently upgraded my iphone 5 to ios 9.3.1. I am encountering lots of problems with text messages:  Messages keep disappearing at regular intervals  When I send messages, it keeps saying “sending”, but never finishes sending.  Alert sounds not working for incoming messages iPhone 5, iOS 9.3.1, recent upgrade to ios 9.3.1 Apparently, after upgrading… Read More »