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Can I Download Expired Image On WeChat?

A question from our reader: While I using Wechat, I realized my photos get deleted by my youngest daughter. Like my case, if photos get accidentally delete how can I find lost photo back? Those photos are very important for me. But I have iTunes backup regularly. Is there any chance to get them back?… Read More »

Methods To Find Lost Wechat Pictures From iPhone 7

Losing Wechat attachments such as pictures, videos, audio messages etc has become a common issue that will happen frequently, especially after you cleaning up Wechat history. Below is one of our readers raise up a such question that make me writing this article to guide you all of how to recover deleted Wechat images from… Read More »

How To Restore Missing iMessages From Backup To iPhone?

iMessage is important to all users as it helps them to connect with their friends, family and even business communication globally due to the free services. Therefore, it will be inconvenient for Apple users if the iMessages missing or get deleted, especially the messages contain important contents or private messages. Therefore, this article will tell… Read More »

Can I retrieve lost Wechat attachments from iPhone 7/7 Plus?

Hi, I’m using iPhone 7, and while I using Wechat I accidentally delete a conversation with some photos and now I want to find the photos back because it is related to my business, could anyone guide me how to recover it? Do you use Wechat? There are plenty of social apps and surely Wechat… Read More »

Recover Deleted Messages on iPhone 7/7 plus Without Backup

Q: I have an iPhone 7 Plus. I was deleting messages from my phone and accidentally deleted several messages regarding customer’s information that I need it urgently and I forget to back them up. Is that any ways to help me getting them back, help please! Thank you! What to do with when you face… Read More »

Recover Deleted Calendar From iPhone 7/7 Plus

Q:Today morning when I want to review my work schedules and I realized all of them were supposed to save in my Calendar gone without any reason. Anyone who knows recover deleted Calendar from iPhone 7/7 Plus? Calendar is known as a little secretary on helping you to save anniversary or birthday date of your… Read More »

Steps To Retrieve Lost Notes Back To iPhone 7

Q: Some very important notes are just gone.  I plugged my phone in on Tuesday night to charge and all my notes were there. Wednesday morning they were gone, had just disappeared.  I had not done a full backup to my computer for some time and the notes weren’t in the cloud even though I… Read More »

How To Recover Deleted Call Logs On iPhone 7?

Q: I accidentally deleted recent calls and I didn’t back it up. How to recover these deleted call history on iPhone 7? I hope I can get them back. It is very important to me. Help please! Many of our readers face the same problem like the user above: how to recover deleted call logs on… Read More »

Top 3 Best iOS Data Recovery Software In 2015

The following situations always happen: your iPhone, iPad were stolen or lost by accident; your iPhone was water-damaged or suffered other physical damage; or you just accidentally deleted some videos, photos, contacts, notes, messages, and many more from iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch. What will you do when you are faced with such unexpected incidents? Most… Read More »