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Best software to recover lost contacts on iPhone 7

Question: “I’m looking for a software to recover lost contacts on iPhone 7, could you please recommend a best ios recovery tool? thank you!” This is a question asked by a friend of mine. She is looking for a best software to recover lost contacts on iPhone 7. As you know, it is too easy… Read More »

Accidentally Erased Text Messages iPhone 7, How To Retrieve?

“hi there, im iPhone 7 user. Today morning I accidentally delete my messages, because I thought it’s a spam. And now I want to restore those messages accidentally deleted this morning. Any idea how to recover it? Thank you!” Generally speaking, if you accidentally delete text messages from iPhone 7 like the user above, do… Read More »

How To Restore Deleted Images on iOS10.2 iPhone From iTunes?

“Hi, i just update to iOS 10.2, im seeking help that I want to restore deleted images on iPhone running iOS 10.2 currently. I always backup my media files like images on my iTunes, im afraid that once I restore from iTunes current data in my iPhone gone, I feel its too risky for me… Read More »

3 Ways To Retrieve Lost Reminders From iPhone 7?

“Hi, can I know how to find disappeared reminders without backup? Those reminders are like my to-do-list, and I need it back, can you please guide me how to retrieve lost reminders? I’m using iPhone 7 with iOS 10.2. Thank you! Do you use reminders to mark down important events or daily to-do-list like the… Read More »

How To Recover Photos Lost From iTunes Backup?

I found the following post in Apple community:“As I was syncing my iPhone with my MacBook Air, I noticed that I haven’t backup my iPhone 4S in almost a year. So I tried it and lost almost 100 photos…all the photos that I took during that one year I did not backup my iPhone. Does anyone know what happened? And how to reverse this ?” Apparently, we should pay more attention to backup when using iPhone, iPad and iPod. Because, if you frequently sync and backup your iPhone to iTunes, there are more chances to recover your lost photos, messages, contacts and other important data. Here, I think this user does not have to worry or feel upset, for there is indeed a powerful software to help him recover the lost 100 photos. This magic and powerful software is iFonebox, which is a professional iOS data recovery. Even if you have not backup your iPhone or lost iTunes backup files, iFonebox can help you find and recover your lost data such as photos, messages, contacts, call history, calendar, reminders, voice memo, etc. (full-scale introduction here) How to recover lost photos with iFonebox?  Download and install it. There are two versions for you to choose: Windows and Mac.                                             Choose Recover From iOS Device. Since you have not synced and backup your photos to iTunes, then just choose the first option after you connect your iPhone with PC. Later, iFonebox will scan your iPhone automatically. All data in your iPhone will be shown like photos, contacts, messages, calendars, reminders, etc.   Preview and select your lost photos. The main advatage of iFonebox is that you can preview and select what you want to recover. Here, you can preview and find your lost 100 photos. At present, you can recover your photos to your PC directly in a folder. Pretty convenient.   iFonebox is considerably user-friendly and it is easy as 1-2-3. With it, you can get your important lost data easily. Plus, to extract and… Read More »