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How Can I Access Contacts From iTunes Without My iPhone?

“My iPhone died because I dropped it in a pool of water and I now use an old phone. Since I couldn’t save any contact info on my SIM-card with my iPhone (genious move, Apple) I have no numbers left! I know that I have made a backup from my iPhone to iTunes before. So I need to know how I can reach those backup files without plugging in my phone. I have heard of the iPhone Backup Extractors but there must be another way to access my own files of my own contacts that I have backed up myself without paying 25$? Any help at all would be appreciated..iPhone 4, Windows 7″ Do you have the same problem with this iPhone user: lost all contacts in the iPhone but luckily, you have backup files in iTunes. Here it is. Indeed, you can extract your contacts from iTunes backup as long as you have backup files in iTunes. But if you want to make it, you… Read More »