Some Hottest Topics And Solutions About Safari

By | November 15, 2018

some common issues and fixes about safari

Why is it that my safari cannot load any web pages? It say safari cannot open the page because your phone is not connected to the internet, yet there’s internet connection and some applications open normally.

What if Safari doesn’t load a page or webpage items are missing?

  • Check Parental Controls

If you’re logged into a user account that is restricted by Parental Controls or other web filtering software, some pages or page elements might not load if those sites aren’t allowed. Check with your administrator to see if you can get access to the site that you’re trying to view.

  • Check Safari extensions

Some Safari extensions that block ads or other website content can prevent some page elements from displaying. You can temporarily turn off extensions, then re-load the page to see if this is the issue.

  1. Choose Safari > Preferences
  2. Click Extensions
  3. Select an extension, then deselect the checkbox “Enable… extension.” Repeat this step for every extension that’s currently installed

What if Safari warns you that a website isn’t secure?

Starting in iOS 11.3, Safari shows a “Website Not Secure” warning if a website that you’re visiting isn’t secure. If Safari detects that the website is not secure, do not enter your information. Never provide your password or credit card numbers to sites with this warning. If you need to use the site, contact the site owner or administrator and let them know that their site isn’t secure.

What if Safari says it can’t establish a secure connection?

If a webpage is on a server that doesn’t meet secure cryptographic standards, Safari will say that it will not open the website because it’s using weak encryption. Or Safari will say that it can’t open the page because Safari can’t establish a secure connection to the server. To resolve the issue, the website administrator should configure their server to be secure.

What if Safari displays a blank page or quits on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch?

  • Connect to a different network
  • Restart your device
  • Clear website data
  1. Go to Settings > Safari
  2. Tap Clear History and Website data
  3. Tap Clear History and Website data to confirm

Is it possible to recover mistakenly deleted safari history if no backup?

To restore lost safari bookmarks, you would have to restore from a backup that contained that info, and you should aware that restore is an all or nothing process. Actually, there’s also an effective way to retrieve missing safari bookmarks even if you don’t have a backup file. With the help of iFonebox, you are allowed to regain almost all file types, like contacts, notes, texts, call history, internet browsing history, photos, videos, voice memos, calendar lists, reminders, WeChat data, WhatsApp data and so forth.

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