Recover Missing Contact Names After Update To iOS 8.3

By | April 23, 2015


“After updating to iOS 8.3, random contact names are missing, and some contacts are missing completely.  If I search for a name to text a person, the name is there, and when I send the text, only a phone number shows up after the text sends.  If the missing person initiates a text with me, I only get a text from a phone number. The only thing I won’t do is restore my phone and set up as new then restore my whole iTunes backup. I have told Apple support to email me a solution, as I have given them enough of my time being asked to do the same things over and over.  Anyone else have this problem and fix it? iPhone 6, iOS 8.3”

This user lost his contact names after updated to iOS 8.3. It is annoying when someone call you, you just don’t know who’s there. Besides, you will feel awkward to ask who he is. A troublesome issue. As we all know that we update to iOS 8.3, different problems always happen such as data loss. At this time, what you need to have is an iTunes or iCloud backup for your iPhone or iPad before update to iOS 8.3. Obviously, this user was quite lucky to have an iTunes file so that he did not have to reset his iPhone and then restore whole iTunes backup.

In order to recover missing contact names after update to iOS 8.3, what you need is the help from iFonebox in the condition of iTunes backup. iFonebox is able to recover contacts, missing contact names included, to your iOS devices. What is iFonebox? iFonebox is a powerful iOS data recovery which is capable of recovering deleted data like contacts, messages and notes from your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch directly. Plus, it is able to extract and restore data like photos or other data from your iTunes or iCloud backup. One more important, iFonebox is supportive to transfer recovered contacts, including contact names and notes to your iOS devices directly. Pretty functional and professional. Compared with other such similar software, it is the cheapest.

How to recover missing contacts names after update to iOS 8.3?

It is necessary for you to download and install iFonebox. There are two versions are accessible: Windows version and Mac version. Before that, Free Trial Version is available. Next, you can just follow the 1-2-3 simple steps below:

  1. Run iFonebox. Choose Recover from iTunes Backup. Please don’t forget to connect your iOS device to the computer with USB cable so as to recover the missing contact names and number. 
  2. Scan contacts from your iTunes backup. 
  3. Preview and choose contacts to recover. After scanning, all contacts including names will be shown. Just choose those you need and click Recover to Device to finish the whole process. 


Notes: if you have an iCloud backup for your contacts before update to iOS 8.3, you can also choose Recover from iCloud Backup in the first step.

With iFonebox, to recover missing contact names as well as missing numbers is not a big problem after update to iOS 8.3.

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