How To Recover iCloud Photos From Lost iPhone?

Hello, I recently had my iPhone 5s stolen whilst abroad with a lot of precious pictures on it, however I cannot for the life of me work out how to access the backed up pictures from the iCloud backup. I have checked my iCloud account which assures me that the pictures are on the cloud,… Read More »

Can I Regain My Call Logs That Have Been Cleared?

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How To reproduce an accidently deleted safari bookmark list?

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How To Transfer Texts Between iPhone Devices?

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How To Transfer Videos In WeChat To Computer?

I just bought a new computer. I downloaded iTunes but it says that my computer is not authorized. I am wondering if there is a possibility to transfer only WeChat videos from the iPhone to the computer via the USB cable. Is there exist a creature like that? How do I proceed? Thank you very… Read More »

How Do I Read My WhatsApp Messages Via iCloud?

It all started when my WhatsApp crashed. Before deleting the App I backed everything up to iCloud but I can’t make sure the WhatsApp conversations were there. I’m confused because I log in to iCloud and I can’t see my WhatsApp data. Is there anything I can do to view and recover them? Thanks for… Read More »

Does iTunes Back Up Photos And How To View Them?

My son has a ton of pictures on his iPhone 6s. He is currently on iOS 10. I want to upgrade his phone to iOS 11. If I connect to iTunes and do a “backup”, will everything on the phone (including pictures) get backup up? If so, am I safe in case I need to… Read More »

iPhone Is Warning Low On Storage! Solved!

I’ve an iPhone 6 16 GB, version 11.3. I’m running on low space. My phone was warning low on storage, and suddenly photos & albums become missing. I deleted mail app since it shows that I’ve like more than 6GB data but there is still a reminder of the low storage. Please help me out!… Read More »

How Do I Retrieve iCloud Backup Of Call History?

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Is It Possible To Recover Notes Erased In The Trash?

What’s the easiest way to recover notes on my iPhone 6? I moved everything to the Trash folder and then emptied it. Now I need to recover that data. Is it possible to recover data erased in the trash? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards.                  … Read More »