How Do I Recover iPad Notes From iCloud?

I have deleted one note on my iPad accidently. Is there a way to recover them? Anyone who can help will be my serious hero…as you can imagine, I had a lot of important info on these notes and I hope I can somehow recover. I’ve spent a few hours tonight searching forums but can’t… Read More »

How Are Deleted Messages Recovered From iCloud Backup?

How do you recover deleted messages? I’m trying to recover deleted messages easily with Window on my computer. I know iCloud and iTunes backup up data, but I cannot find where to do it! Anyone know what I can do?   Whether on purpose or by accident, we might mistakenly delete some messages that we… Read More »

Can I Get Deleted Text Messages Back?

I was wondering if anyone has ever successfully recovered deleted text messages and how they did it. I am looking to retrieve messages that I’ve seen in spotlight but have deleted and now want them back. Also, I have seen posts about recovery software, however, has anyone successfully used any of these types of software,… Read More »

Help! Lost WeChat Messages On my iPhone!

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Is There A Way To Recover Data From Lost iOS Device?

Hi. I’m facing a huge problem right now. My iPhone 6 is lost and I would like to know if there is any way to delete some data (texts, contacts, photos…) from the device with no internet connection. The mobile is off now. Anyone encountered this problem or have a solution to it? Thanks.  … Read More »

Any Options Left To Recover Data From Disabled iPhone?

My 28-year-old sister-in-law recently passed away. In an attempt to save the videos of herself on her iPhone 6, her mother attempted to enter possible passwords and inadvertently disabled the phone. I discovered this 24 hours later when I discovered a text from my SIL that provided her passcode. Now how to recover data from… Read More »