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“FREAK” Flaw Threatens Security For Google And Apple Users

According to Washington Post, technology companies are scrambling to fix a major security flaw that for more than a decade left users of Apple and Google devices vulnerable to hacking when they visited millions of supposedly secure Web sites, including, and Called “FREAK” (Factoring Attack on RSA-EXPORT Keys), the vulnerability stems from… Read More »

New Feature Of Apple Watch: Power Reserve Mode

Last time, I have wrote an article about tips to improve battery life after update to iOS 8.1.3 and it seems that battery life problem is a common concern for most Apple products, including the upcoming Apple Watch. However, the good news is that Apple Watch will feature “Power Reserve” functionality, in order to stretch the wearable’s… Read More »

There Is No Chance To Downgrade To iOS 8.1 From iOS 8.1.1

In my previous article, I have introduced how to downgrade your iPhone 5S from iOS 8.1.1 to iOS 8.1. But now, if you still want to downgrade from iOS 8.1.1 to iOS 8.1, you need to take it easy, for Apple has closed iOS 8.1 signing window, eliminating chance to downgrade. According to 9to5 Mac, Apple has closed the signing window for iOS 8.1 on compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models, thereby eliminating the ability for users to downgrade to the software version. iOS 8.1.1, seeded as an over the air update a few weeks ago, is now the earliest software version that devices can be restored to. If you are currently using an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that is running iOS 8.1, you should remember that there is no chance for you to go back to that software version if you upgrade at this point. The good news for jailbroken users is that an iOS 8.1.1 untethered jailbreak has already been released for Windows, with an OS X tool on the horizon.

Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus: Differences Between MLC And TLC

In iFonebox forum, I once wrote a post about the iPhone 6 Plus reboot problem. The post showed us a test made by netizens and when they installed 1211 apps in iPhone 6 Plus, 128 GB, iPhone 6 Plus will reboot frequently until they deleted the apps to 669, this problem would not happen. Why? I don’t know. However, recently, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 have been put to test and let’s check the result. The issue seems to be that Apple isn’t using the most stable internal storage memory, but the intricately dense triple level cell (TLC) NANDflash in the 128 GB version instead of the MLC(Multi level Cell). Is there a real difference between TLC and MLC flash in the iPhone 6 Plus and will it make major differences to performance? It is said that TLC flash can store much more information than single level cell (SLC) or a multi level cell (MLC) solid state flash, but is more volatile, and more prone to errors. It is more affordable, though, and that might be the reason Apple went with it for its most memorable version of the 6 Plus, instead of MLC, like on most other iDevices. In the test, the result shows that not only iPhone 6 Plus has been used TLC, some iPhone 6 with 64 GB has also used TLC flash. But iPhone 6 with 16 GB all are used MLC flash. It is hard for you to trace whether your iPhone 6 is TLC flash or MLC flash. It is said that if your iPhone 6 is jail broken, you can install a plugein named OpenSSH in Cydia.  Otherwise, you have to disassemble your iPhone to check. In that way, you will lose the chance for the warranty. So after read this news, what do you think of the iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 6? Comment here if you want to. Read more articles: A Quick Way To Access iPad Data On iMac How To Retrieve Notes After Restore From iPhone 5? How To Transfer Contacts From iTunes To iPhone ? How Can I Access iPhone Backup Data Such As Texts And Photos?… Read More »

A Quick Solution To Recover Deleted Photos On iOS 6 Or Lower

Are you still bothered by how to recover your iPhone deleted pictures? Some pictures are valuable memories of an unforgettable experience. But here we have great news to those who want to recover their iPhone deleted photos. Auntech has released its new version of iFonebox and this new version supports to recover the thumbnails… Read More »

Video Introduction About iPhone 6–Is It Your Choice?

The CEO of Apple Inc Tim Cook treated us new Apple products: Apple Watch, iPhone 6 and iPhone  6 Plus. Here is a video introducing the new re;eased iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in detail. Watch this video and get more information about the brand new iPhone. Something you need to know about iPhone… Read More »

Will The Release Of iPhone 6 Become Another Peak After Samsung Note 4?

    Finally the day is coming: iPhone 6 is about to be released in less than 10 hours. Last year, the successful release of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C was a summit for Apple Inc. What about iPhone 6? Will the upcoming iPhone 6 be released successfully after the celebrities nude photos hack? Will it become another peak after Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release? Keep read this article and I will show you my own opinions here. As to me, I think it may be difficult for iPhone 6 to win its another business peak. The recent Celebrity Nude Photos Hack has a side effect on iPhone. Most people will concern about the safety of iCloud although Apple Inc has given the solution in the first time. iPhone products are still stroke. Plus, the largest competitor Samsung unveiled its brand new product Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on September, a week earlier than iPhone 6. After that, stock value of Apple Inc has kept falling down. Besides, the completely new Galaxy Note 4 is equipped with the most advanced parts and devices. (Read Apple… Read More »

Celebrity Leaked Photo Hack: Will The Upcoming iPhone 6 Be Safe ?

Apple Inc will launch its brand new iPhone 6 on September 9. However, this weekend, dozens of Hollywood celebrities leaked photos were posted and surfaced online by hackers, which is said to result from the weak iCloud password and put the company in a dilemma. Nude photos of Hollywood celebrities, including Oscarwinning actress Jennifer Lawrence were posted on Internet forums by unknown hackers. Most people are worried about the safety of iCloud. At this moment, maybe some people have the question: will the upcoming iPhone 6 be safe? As to this question, I have my own ideas and it cannot be on behalf of anything. I think the upcoming iPhone 6 is safe for us to use although the leak of nude photos happened. First Apple Inc has gave the explanation that iCloud itself is safety. Because these celebrities have set weak passwords, which are got by the hackers. Acquiring just a user name and password allows hackers access to content on, but with the accompaniment of the ElcomSoft software, a complete backup can reportedly be downloaded into easy-to-access folders filled with the device’s contents. Apparently, it is important for us to set a strong and complicate password but easy for us to remember. Aimed at this hole, Apple Inc has come out the two factor verification. Two actor verification makes it more difficult for hackers to acquire a user’s login credentials in the first place, preventing many attacks, but an iCloud backup can be installed with just a user name and a password. How does two factor verification work? Refer to the following picture.  To make a summary, I think it is safe to use the upcoming iPhone 6 as long as you use complicate and unique passwords on your devices. Besides, using two factor authentication when available and necessary. The two important and useful ways are guarantees for us to use Apple products after the leak of nude photos. Apple Inc will put forward more methods for users to better use iPhone/iPad. Have anything to add to this post? Share it in the comments.