Need Help Figuring Out iPhone Calling Issues? Here’re The Solutions.

By | March 15, 2019

Is there a solution for iPhone X calling issues? It seems that I can’t hear incoming calls, nor the other person can listen to what I speak after the recent update. Anyone have a fix for this? Thanks for your help.

Need help figuring out iPhone calling issues? Don’t worry, in this article, we list some common issues and will show you how to fix the problems.

  1. Question one: Unable to make or receive calls on your iPhone

methods to solve iphone calling problems

Quick fix:

  • Make sure that you have the Cellular option in Settings enabled.
  • Make sure the Airplane Mode is off.
  • Make sure Do Not Disturb is off.
  • Make sure Call Forwarding is turned off.
  • Update your device to the latest iOS version.

Note: In case of data loss, you’d better back up your important data up. You can do that via iTunes or iCloud. And there’s a professional called iFonebox could help you transfer specific data from device to your computer with ease.

  • Restart your device.
  • Contact your carrier to see if your calls have errors on the carrier system.
  • Try to make or receive calls in another location.
  • Restore your device.
  • Make a Genius Bar appointment at your nearest Apple Store or click on the Contact Support.
  1. Question two: There’s still no sound or poor sound quality when making calls

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Quick fix:

  • Turn up the volume.
  • Make sure there’s nothing plugged into the headphone jack or the dock connector.

Make an appointment at Apple store or Authored apple repairer.

  • Clean the receiver opening with a soft cloth.
  • Update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS.
  • Contact Apple Support.
  1. Question three: How to get lost call history back?

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Quick fix:

Method one: Login online with your account with your carrier. Most cellular carriers have websites where you can log in to your account and view details of billings including details of calls.

Method two: If your iTunes or iCloud backup contains the deleted photos, you can easily recover them from the backup. If you do the restore, it will wipe all data created since the backup was completed.

Method three: iFonebox is a professional iOS data recovery tool which enables you retrieve up to 17 file types from device directly. It also capable of extracting specific data from any available backup without losing anything.


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