Methods To Recover iPhone Lost Notes Synced With iCloud

By | October 14, 2015


My wife and I share one iCloud ID so that we can share some notes. But last time, when I go to and accidentally, I just deleted some notes without any awareness. Thus, those notes are also deleted from our iPhone. I need to get back those notes. Is there any way to recover my iPhone lost notes? Thanks. iPhone 5s, iOS 8

So the question here is, how to recover iPhone lost notes synced from iCloud? Actually, this problem is not difficult to handle with. icloud-settingsFirstly, do you know why the notes were lost? If you don’t, here is something you have to learn. In the Settings of iPhone or iPad, there is a part about iCloud. You can apply for an Apple ID and sign in with this ID, then, there are data like contacts, mail, notes, photos for you to choose. Turn on Notes and then, your iPhone will be synchronized with the, which means, whenever you delete or add notes, your iPhone will keep pace with the data in the iCloud account. It’s more complicated when you share an Apple ID with others,  for your iPhone will be synchronized with his or her iDevice, so does the deleted notes. However, you don’t have to worry. Indeed, there are methods to recover your iPhone lost notes synced from iCloud.



  • Once you find notes are lost in iPhone, remember to turn on Airplane Mode or power off your iPhone, just in case of data being wiped by new ones.
  • Don’t share the same Apple ID with others just in case of data being deleted or synchronized.

Here it is. If your iPhone is running iOS 9 or later, then those deleted or lost notes will be in a folder “Recently Deleted”. You can get back your lost notes there. But if your iOS version is iOS 8 or older, no panic. iFonebox can help you recover those lost notes when deleted from iCloud. How to? Here we go.

As is known that iFonebox is a professional iOS data recovery which can not only recover deleted data like contacts, notes, iMessages, WeChat, WhatsApp messages, etc, from iDevice, but extract and restore lost data from iTunes or iCloud backup selectively. Another superior and attractive feature of iFonebox is that it can recover deleted contacts and notes back to iDevice directly, pretty cool.

How to recover iPhone lost notes synced from iCloud? 

In order to get back iPhone lost notes synced with iCloud, you have to download and install iFonebox. Two free trial versions are offered: Windows version and Mac version. Here, I will take iFonebox for Windows as example.

  1. Launch iFonebox. Choose Recover from iOS Device mode. Please connect your iPhone to the computer so as to analyze and recover lost notes back to it.
  2. Click Notes item to start scanning process.
  3. Preview and choose lost notes to recover. You can pick out those lost notes, then click Recover to PC or Recover to Device button to finish the running process.


Notes: If you have an iTunes or iCloud backup for your lost notes, iFonebox provides another two choices: Recover from iTunes Backup & Recover from iCloud Backup. You can selectively extract and restore lost notes back to your iPhone again.

In short, it is quite convenient to use iFonebox to recover your iPhone lost notes synced with iCloud.

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