Is There Any Way To Retrieve Deleted iMessages From iPhone 6?

By | September 7, 2015


Is there any way to retrieve deleted iMessages from iPhone 6? Many iPhone users have asked me such a question. When some iMessages are deleted and sometimes, you do in fact need to recover some or all deleted messages. Well fear not. It is possible for you to recover those deleted iMessages from iPhone 6 directly with or without any backup. So, here, I will list three methods to help you retrieve deleted iMessages from iPhone 6: with iCloud, iTunes as well as third party software.

When you want to retrieve deleted iMessages from iTunes or iCloud backup, you should realize that it is important to have a full-scale backup for your iPhone or iPad just in case of data loss.

Retrieve deleted iMessages from iPhone 6 via iCloud 

If you have an iCloud backup for your iMessages on iPhone 6, you should be able to restore your iPhone deleted iMessaegs from the backup. Unfortunately, iCloud doesn’t back up SMS in all territories, and for all phone operators. So if you happen to be in the category, you can follow the below steps to retrieve deleted iMessages from iCloud backup:

1. Login to with your Apple ID and password
2. Click on Text Messages (if it isn’t there your messages haven’t been backed up).
3. If it is there searched the messages to find the ones you need.
4. Now go to your iPhone and choose Settings, iCloud on your iPhone.
5. Turn off Text Messages (or ensure it is turned off). I know this sounds counter intuitive but stay with it.
6. You’ll see a pop-up. Select: “Keep on My iPhone”.
7. Now turn back on text messages.
8. Tap “Merge”, and wait. After a few minutes the deleted text messages should appear back on your iPhone.

Retrieve deleted iMessages from iPhone 6 via iTunes 

If you have an iTunes backup for those deleted iMessages, you can obey to the following steps to restore deleted data from iTunes backup. But bear in mind that when you restore from iTunes backup, it will erase and overwrite the existing data on your iPhone 6.

1. Connect your iPhone to the PC with which you sync it. iTunes should open (if not, open it manually).
2. You should see your iPhone in a box. Select it.
3. Now choose “Restore backup”.
4. All the data you previously backed up will now replace the data on your phone. It will take a few minutes. As long as you haven’t backed up subsequent to deleting those text messages, they should now appear on your phone handset.

Retrieve deleted iMessages from iPhone 6 with third party software

If you have no backup for your deleted iMessages, or if you want to selectively restore iMessages without losing any data from your iPhone 6, you can choose professional iPhone Data Recovery to help you. In our test, iFonebox is great,which can not only recover deleted messages, WhatsApp messages, contacts, notes, reminders, etc, from iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch directly, but extract and restore lost data from iTunes/iCloud backup selectively. Because even after you have deleted messages they remain on your handset until overwritten, you should be able to recover deleted messages using iFonebox.

ifonebox-data-reviewThe above are three different methods to retrieve deleted iMessages from iPhone 6. Just choose one suitable for you.

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