Is There Any Way To Recover A Deleted Note From iCloud?

By | January 22, 2016


Is there any way to recover a deleted note from iCloud? I had a really long note on the default Notes app on my iPhone, and just earlier today as I was writing more to it, the app glitches and closes my note, returning to the main list of notes. I go back into the note and finish writing what I was writing. I exit the app thinking nothing of the glitch. Just now, I go back to the Notes app and see my note is now gone! Is there any way to get it back from a previous push to the iCloud server? The note’s gone across all my devices, so it’s definitely not on iCloud’s latest notes back up. 

Quite a long post here and in short, is there any way to recover a deleted note from iCloud backup? Absolutely yes. When you want to restore from iCloud backup for a deleted note, you can turn on Settings on your iPhone and then, go to General> Reset> Reset All Content and Settings. After choose this, your iPhone will start reset and then, restore from the iCloud backup file. Thus you can restore one deleted note to your iPhone directly. However, the risk is when you do as the above steps, the data on your iPhone will be erased by the data from iCloud backup, which means, you will lose other data just because of one note. So how to selectively recover a deleted note from iCloud? Here it is.

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In order to recover only a deleted note from iCloud backup, probably, you need the help from iFonebox, which is a professional iPhone backup extractor tool. With it, you can not only restore lost data from iTunes or iCloud backup selectively, but recover deleted or lost messages, contacts, notes, whatsapp messages, etc, from iPhone or iPad directly. Also, if needed, those recovered notes can also be transferred to your iOS device directly, just as messages and contacts do. Next, detailed steps are listed to help you restore only notes from iCloud backup.

How to recover a deleted note from iCloud backup? 

It is necessary to download and install iFonebox on your computer. There are two versions accessible: Windows version and Mac version.

  • Launch iFonebox. Choose Recover from iCloud Backup mode. Please sign in with your Apple ID and password, then select one iCloud backup to download. You can only choose Notes to download to save more time.
  • Scan Notes from downloaded iCloud backup. Once downloaded successfully, you can click on Notes item to start scanning and analysis.
  • Preview and select notes to restore. After scanning, now you can choose those notes you need, and then click Recover to Device button to transfer found notes to your iPhone directly.


Now all notes you need have been successfully recovered to your iPhone from iCloud backup via iFonebox.

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