Is There A Way To Recover The Older Dialed Call History From My iPhone 6s?

By | February 16, 2017

retrieve the previous call history from iphone

I have been using my iPhone 6s for a long time, recently, my phone bill shows I dialed a UK phone number and I’d like to see from my iPhone whether that is actually true. However, the call occurred 3 months ago, so it is no longer present in the recent call history.  Is there a way to recover the older dialed call history from a backup or otherwise?

Perhaps a great many of iPhone users don’t know that, one iOS device can only keep 100 call history at most, and the earliest records will be erased by the new ones if it exceeds the limit. To against this predicament, most people turn to using iTunes or iCloud for this trouble, however, I don’t think it’s a practical option because there is no need to recover the whole backup only for several older dialed call history from iPhone. Besides, a wrong choice in terms of third-party data recovery program can risk all our data for permanent loss, unless you find a professional application, just like iFonebox .

When it comes to extraordinary and incredible iOS recovery software, iFonebox remains unsurpassed. It’s specially designed for people to find their missing data with three remarkable working modes. There’re at most sixteen kinds of data are accessible with the help of iFonebox, no matter the plight like water damaged, screen broken, even factory reset. Undoubtedly, it the best way to help you retrieve the previous call history from iPhone.

There’re some irresistible reasons that we have to choose iFonebox.

  • Compared to iTunes, you’re allowed to recuperate various data separately instead of recovering the whole backup, what’s more, it won’t wipe any data existing on your iPhone now.
  • There’re total three advanced working modes to help you recover a huge variety of data that may have been deleted, damaged or lost in your system, Aside from restoring deleted call history from iOS device directly, you can also find them through backup.
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  • l  iFonebox provides a convenient and effective data protection platform with absolutely high safety coefficient. You can trust our program to retrieve, migrate, back up or manage your important conformation easily without having to do so much.

You can go to the official website for the program or download the software here, you’re required to download the right version for your computer.


iFonebox is really quick and takes only few steps before your data is back in your hands, then follow my instructions to find out how it works. Let’s get started!

Step One: Launch iFonebox

Connect your iOS device to computer with included USB cable after you run the iFonebox, if this is your first time to experience our product, you’ll be asked to give response if trust the computer.


Step Two: Scan Call History

You will see below screenshot after you click the bold Start in earlier interface, then click Call History icon, when the rotating circle appears, just wait in this stage please.


Final Step: Restore the data

Finally, you are able to preview and recover the missing call history on iPhone, if there’re too much information listed on the interface, you can turn on the only display the deleted item at the upper-left corner.


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