Is It Possible To Restore Deleted Text Messages On iPhone?

By | February 15, 2017

retrieve missing text messages on iphone

I accidentally deleted a conversation with a friend, the iPhone does not even offer the option that “Are you sure you want to delete the conversation” like some other smartphones do, but I desperately need to recover this messages, is it possible to get it back?

In contemporary society, data loss has been considered one of the world biggest disasters as the increment in information. Regardless of how it happened, this can be a highly distressing situation. If you don’t have a clue how to restore deleted text messages on iPhone, iFonebox will offer an option for you to get you out of the predicament.

One sentence describes iFonebox.

It is a professional and distinguished iOS recovery software.

Two numbers help you learn more about iFonebox.

  1. Sixteen

It is incapable of dealing with up to sixteen kinds of data on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, including contacts, reminders, calendars, call history, safari, photos, voice memos and even attachments from notes, messages, WeChat messages and WhatsApp.

  1. Three

You’ll be given three different kinds of recovery modes, and each recovery mode has its specific features. Even if you haven’t created any backup before, you can still retrieve missing text messages on iPhone effectively.

If you want to learn more about all three kinds of working modes, please access

Three key words specify the traits of iFonebox.

  1. Recover

iFonebox remains unsurpassed when it comes to remarkable data recovery tool.  It allows you to recover missing data and also the data that is unintentionally deleted by detecting or scanning from device or backup deeply.

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  1. Back up

It is a great helper to back up a variety kinds of data and keep them in a safe way, it is also an outstanding application assist you to manage your information orderly. Once you delete several text messages, you’re able to recuperate them on iOS device easily and conveniently.

  1. Transfer

With iFonebox, you don’t have to worry about the deficient storage, just several simple clicks, important information will be saved on your computer in the shortest time.

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After a brief instruction, have you ever tried to experience our program?  There’re two versions for you to download, you can access them by clicking the icons below. Then please follow my illustrative constructions.


Step One: Launch

Click on the program to initialize its launching process, then keep it connected with your iPhone over included USB cable, it will continue to next stage after you click the Start.


Step Two: Scan and Analyze. 

It will start to analyze the data after you click on the Messages icon, wait patiently until the rotating circle ends and the scanning duration depends on the amount of your data.


Step Three: View and Recover Data

After the scanning completes, you’re able to view the messages both existing on your device and deleted before, tick the boxes next to the messages you want and restore them to your iPhone directly.


Besides, if you’ve made backup in iTunes or iCloud before, you can also recover text messages from backup? For more information, see How to find part of old messages from iPhone backup?

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