Is iOS 11.2.6 Causing Battery To Drain Really Fast?

By | April 4, 2018

Why has my battery only lasting half as long since I update to iOS 11.2.6? My wife and I are having the same problem with both of our phones. I am hoping that apple will see these posts and fix the issue. It started occurring for both of us the day after we upgraded.

  ios 11.2.6 causes the problem of fast battery consumption

In theory, a system upgrade will make your phone more fluid and improve its functionality. However, from the apple community, it seems that many iOS use’s devices have been expiring seriously battery drain since the update. Does iOS 11.2.6 cause the battery to drain fast? To be honest, if you believe there is something wrong with your phone, you need to do the troubleshooting and/or take it to Apple. Screaming into the ether will accomplish nothing useful. Here we list some tips to help you solve the problem of fast battery consumption and improve the battery life.

Tip one: Update to the latest software

Apple software updates often include advanced energy-saving technologies. iOS 11.3 will greatly improve the battery performance and it will recommend if the battery needs to be replaced. So once iOS 11.3 is released, just go to Settings > General > Software Update.

Tip two: Use your cell phone at the suitable temperature.

Your device is designed to perform well in a wide range of ambient temperatures, with 62° to 72° F (16° to 22° C) as the ideal comfort zone. Exposing your device to extreme ambient temperatures can cause damage to the battery.

Tip three: Use Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode reduces the amount of power that your iPhone uses when the battery gets low. Go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls, then select Low Power Mode to add it to Control Center.

Tip four: Remove certain cases during charging

You’d better remove certain cases during charging because charging your device when it’s inside certain styles of cases may generate excess heat.

Tip five: Lower the brightness and use Wi-Fi

To activate auto-brightness function, you can go to Settings > Display & Brightness and set Auto-Brightness to On. At the same time, you should use Wi-Fi instead of cellular data whenever possible.

If none help you, I’m afraid that you should schedule an appointment at genius bar or go to the nearest apple store to get your battery replaced.


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