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Best software to recover lost contacts on iPhone 7

Question: “I’m looking for a software to recover lost contacts on iPhone 7, could you please recommend a best ios recovery tool? thank you!” This is a question asked by a friend of mine. She is looking for a best software to recover lost contacts on iPhone 7. As you know, it is too easy… Read More »

Methods To Backup Safari Bookmarks

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch is equipped with a famous web browser – Safari and the ability to add bookmarks. Safari bookmarks allow you to save favorite website links, frequent-visit websites and so on. You can access to your saved URLs by clicking Bookmarks tab without retype a website address over and over again, which offers everyone a… Read More »

How to backup WhatsApp messages in Windows manually?

“I used WhatsApp very frequently, WhatsApp is like playing an important role as my social networking site. I’m so afraid if I lost my iPhone and all of the messages gone, I will be totally frustrated. That is why I wish to know is that any way to backup and save my WhatsApp messages? I’m… Read More »

Contacts Deleted from iPhone Automatically, How To Recover?

“When I looking for few people’s contact number in my contact list, I didn’t found any. And I try to find relevant name it still nothing. This is not the first time my contacts disappeared by itself, it happened several time but I ignore it. But this time is the contact people is important for… Read More »

Restore Lost Call History On iPhone Due To iOS 10.2 Update

Question: My job is a customer service, I have up to hundreds of phone call everyday. When yesterday I updated my company iPhone 6S to iOS 10.2, when I click on call log and its all gone. I haven’t back them up or save them into my PC. Can you please guide me how to… Read More »

How can I Retrieve Old Text Messages from iTunes Backup?

Loss data in iPhone/iPad/iPod has become a common thing happen in our daily life. Although now there are a lots of users are using social network like WhatsApps, Wechat, Facebook messengers, KIK etc, there are still users still using text messages. In this passage, we will mainly talk about how to retrieve old text messages… Read More »

How do I get old text messages back to iPhone?

“Hello, I’m using iPhone 6 Plus with ios 10.2. I have accidentally deleted some text messages, I want to get it back and transfer back to iPhone (if possible) but I use my phone more frequently than my computer. Any suggestion to do this? Thanks!” In here, 2 questions, one is how to get old… Read More »

iOS 10.2 Deleted All Texts And iMessages, How To Find?

“After I update my phone to iOS 10.2, I couldn’t find any messages including text messages and imessages in my iPhone 7, any suggestions how to recover deleted messages on iOS 10.2? Thanks” One of our readers reported the messages issues in iOS 10.2. After updating to iOS 10.2, you might drop into the same… Read More »