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Methods To Backup Safari Bookmarks

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch is equipped with a famous web browser – Safari and the ability to add bookmarks. Safari bookmarks allow you to save favorite website links, frequent-visit websites and so on. You can access to your saved URLs by clicking Bookmarks tab without retype a website address over and over again, which offers everyone a… Read More »

How to Print WhatsApp Messages From iPhone With iOS 10.2?

“Hi there, I’m using iPhone 6 with iOS 10.2. I have one super long conversations from WhatsApp with my business partner, the contents are too long and its hard for me to screen shot them 1 by 1 just to print it out. Is that any method can do it faster? Thanks!” WhatsApp is considered… Read More »

Messages Keep Disappearing After Upgrade To iOS 9.3.1, How To Restore?

I recently upgraded my iphone 5 to ios 9.3.1. I am encountering lots of problems with text messages:  Messages keep disappearing at regular intervals  When I send messages, it keeps saying “sending”, but never finishes sending.  Alert sounds not working for incoming messages iPhone 5, iOS 9.3.1, recent upgrade to ios 9.3.1 Apparently, after upgrading… Read More »

Text Messages Disappeared From iPhone With iOS 9.3, How To Recover?

My wife’s phone suddenly has lost all of the texts from me from current back to 2012. Any idea why this would happen?none of her other threads have been affected. Can those disappeared text messages be found and recovered? Any suggestions? iPhone 6s, iOS 9.3 So the question here is quite clear: how to recover disappeared… Read More »

Steps To Restore Missing Photos Due To iOS 9.2 Update

Since iOS 9.2 was released to the public officially, most iOS users have updated their iPhone or iPad to iOS 9.2. After update, some data like photos, notes, contacts, etc, are missing from iDevice. Quite upset. One iPhone user just wrote to us to ask for help to restoring missing photos from iPhone due to… Read More »