iOS 12 Beta 9 Released To Developers!

By | August 21, 2018

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Less than a week after it launched iOS 12 beta 8, Apple has released its successor. Apple released iOS 12 beta 9 to developers on Monday morning. The beta version of iOS 12 contains bug fixes and improvements. Developers can download iOS 12 beta 9, from the Apple Developer website. You need an Apple Developer account to download the developer beta. You can sign up at Apple’s developer website, or just wait most a few hours for the corresponding public beta.

The latest update comes just five days after iOS 12 beta 8, which correct the performance issues found in iOS 12 beta 7. iOS 12 beta 7 and 8 adjusted the Measure app icon, added a new splash screen for Messages and removed Group Face Time. As always, any new changes in this update will be posted below.

New features:

  • Support for quantized models
  • Support for flexible image sizes and multi-array shapes
  • Batch predication API
  • Support for custom models
  • Support for create ML models(vision features print, text classifier, word tagger)

From reading through the release notes there appears to be the usual array of fixes and, importantly, new issues to be noted. One thing that does jump out to us is a line which would suggest that localization for iOS 12 is now complete, with a note saying that an issue relating to incorrect languages being displayed is now fixed.

Beyond that, one issue that might be of note to anyone who installs iOS 12 beta 9 on their live device is that Apple Pay may become unavailable. If this happens Apple’s suggested workaround is to simply try again, and if that doesn’t work to restart the device completely.

This seems like an excellent time to remind everyone that these iOS 12 beta releases, while surprisingly stable thus far, are exactly that: betas. Expect issues here and there and while we’re still hurtling towards a final release, almost anything can happen with a beta release installed.

The official public release of iOS 12 is coming this fall and will be a free upgrade for compatible iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models.

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