iOS 10.2 New Features And Release Date

By | December 8, 2016

iOS 10.2 New Features And Release Date

The iOS official release date for iPhone, iTouch & iPod is just around the corner. The release date probably will be 12th December but it is not a confirmation date yet.

A little update news for the iOS 10.2 beta 7 version:

Apple released iOS 10.2 beta 7 update earlier of this week, it is just 3 days after the iOS 10.2 beta 6 released, which means that Apple has faster improvement than we’ve known previously. Of course the 10.2 iOS update will have better performance compared with the previous iOS, let’s have a look and see will be the iOS 10.2 update features? Keep reading.

There are several new updates introduce to iOS 10.2

Wow! New Emoji

On the last update, Apple has making3D and realistic emoji for Apple users. But this time Apple will increase more emoji in the coming iOS 10.2 , such as an owl, a flu face, facepalm, a chef, an avocado, a croissant and so on.

ios 10.2 emoji

Video App will get replace?

Along with new emoji, iOS 10.2 will introduce all-new “TV” app, which replace the current “Videos” app. “TV” app is like a new generation update for the iPhone and iPad, considered as an a support for Apple-designed TV guide which allows users to explore new TV-shows and movies hub. It able to make recommendations based on popularity and your recent history.

New Wallpaper

Are you bored with the previous Apple Dynamic and Stills Wallpaper? Now it is the new chance to have new wallpaper choices to set for your either lock screen or home screen wallpaper. These wallpapers can be found on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. They have black background with different color of droplets in the center. It looks stunning and 3D, seems like Apple has trying to make their either emoji or wallpaper look more realistic.

Camera Settings

There’s now an option of preserve your camera settings. Apple has come out different filer and camera mode. For example : Chrome Filter + Square, have you realized that if you turn off the camera after you use it will reset back to None filer and Original Photo size, now this update features allow you to save your filter and camera mode to stick on the selection.

New screen effects for messages

Getting bored with calm messages interface? In iOS 10.2 will have a new “Celebration” and “Love”full screen messages effect.

ios 10.2 message effect

Any update else?

Nothing huge, but definitely “bug fix” for sure will be counted as one of it, it might be cannot be seen physically but it absolutely will enhance the iOS while you’re using your phone.

It looks like Apple is faster and efficient on updating their iOS, it is like getting ready to publish the iOS 10.2 to the public. Let’s look forward for the iOS 10.2 update.

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