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What Has Changed With AppleCare+ For iPhone XS Or Apple Watch And Why You Should Consider Coverage

What is AppleCare+? Most iPhone owners know what AppleCare+ is and how it works. For those who don’t, AppleCare+ can help users pay considerably less for repairs of the Apple devices in the event of an accident, far less than a similar repair if AppleCare wasn’t purchased beforehand. For example, if an Apple Watch screen… Read More »

If You Bought an iPhone X On The Apple Upgrade Program, You Need To Pay More To Upgrade In September

Those wanting to use Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program to acquire one of the 2018 refresh models may want to check their upgrade status beforehand to see if they can upgrade now. Eligibility and Fees With the occurrence of another iPhone event and product launch on September 12, many users enrolled into Apple’s program will be… Read More »

Apple Escapes Most Punitive Measures In VirnetX FaceTime

The contents of a final judgement in the long-running patent case between non-practicing entity VirnetX and Apple have been unsealed, revealing that while both companies had motions denied by the court, VirnetX was granted only half the “sunset royalty” it demanded and was refused an embargo on sales and imports. Issued on August 30 by… Read More »

Analysts Compare 2018 iPhones To The iPhone 6 As They Expect Rising ASP & More

A week from today, Apple is expected to introduce the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, as well as a new 6.1-inch LCD iPhone. Supply chain sources have indicated that this year could be the biggest year for the iPhone since the iPhone 6, and now more analysts are joining that conversation. As noted by… Read More »