How To Transfer Photos And Videos From iPhone 7 to Windows 10 Computer?

By | November 28, 2017

When I connect my iPhone 7 to my Windows 10 computer with a USB cable, how can I move my photos and videos to my windows 10 computer instead of taking up my iPhone storage?











If your device is low on storage, iOS automatically optimizes its available space. To create more storage, iOS can remove some of your items, like streamed music and videos, it also removes temporary files and clears the cache on your device. So the question is: How can I transfer photos and videos from iPhone to windows 10 computer to release more space? Don’t worry, it won’t be a difficult task under the help of iFonebox.

iFonebox is a convenient data transfer software that can help you transfer up to 17 kinds of data to your computer, like messages, photos, videos, contacts, notes, calendar, WeChat messages and so on.You can download images and videos from iPhone to windows 10 computer to get more space easily. Here are some main features of iFonebox that you can know it better:

Next I will show you the detailed steps to export images and videos from iPhone to windows 10 computer. You’re allowed to download the program here, please make sure to download the right version.




Step one: Run iFonebox

Connect your iPhone 7 to your computer, in this interface, you’ll see “Next” in blue area, click it to continue.



Step two: Scan data

You can click “Photos” icon, it will scan automatically, please wait in this step patiently.



Step three: Preview and export

After the scan finished, it will show you all the existing photos on your iPhone 7, you are allowed to choose the photos you want and transfer them to your computer.






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