How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Computer?

By | October 22, 2014

“I have a iPhone 3GS and all my contacts are on my phone both personal and business. I need to transfer all of those to my PC so I can transfer them into my new iPad2. However I’m not able to do so, it does not give me the option of transferring my contacts from my iPhone to the PC??? Why?” 

After reading this post, have you got any idea how to transfer contacts from iPhone to computer? As to help this user, iFonebox is the best choice to transfer contacts from his iPhone 3GS to computer. In fact, this user meant to transfer contacts to his PC and then he wanted to transfer these contacts to his iPad. I have to say, now, iFonebox has become more and more powerful and you don’t have to transfer contacts to computer. Learn more about iFonebox. Here, first I want to show you how to transfer contacts from iPhone to computer.

How to Transfer contacts from iPhone to computer? 

The first thing you need to do is to download and install iFonebox. There are two versions: Windows and Mac. Choose one according to your computer system.

ifonebox, get deleted message from ipad                                              ifonebox, get deleted messages from ipad

Simple steps: Launch iFonebox,connect your iPhone to computer,choose Recover from iOS Device > Scan your device > Choose Contacts and recover them to the computer.


Notes: Here, after you choose Contacts, you can directly transfer contacts to your iOS devices. Of course, you can first edit the contacts and then transfer them back to the iOS devices. Plus, now iFonebox supports transferring contacts to your iOS devices from iTunes backup, which means, you just need to backup your contacts to iTunes and then transfer contacts to your devices from iTunes backup.

BTW, there is also another method to transfer contacts to computer. You can first backup contacts to iTunes and then export them to computer in the outlook form. But if you want to transfer these contacts to your other devices, I think you’d better choose iFonebox to help you, for iFonebox can help you transfer contacts including the deleted ones  to your iOS devices directly.

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