How To Transfer Certain Parts Of Data From iPhone 4S To iPhone 5C?

By | February 2, 2015


“My wife was upgraded to an iPhone 5C today. Before we got the new phone, I uploaded her iPhone 4s data to iTunes. When I went to connect and transfer her data to her phone, it said that there wasn’t enough memory on the new iPhone. I think her iPhone 4S had more memory. Her 5C only has 5.4 GB. Is there a way to just move certain parts of her data to her new phone? Like contacts, certain apps, & email info? iPhone 5C” 

Also this is a post I read from a forum about Apple products and here, this user is bothered by transferring data from his old iPhone 4S to iPhone 5C because of the smaller space, so he wanted to transfer certain parts of data from iPhone 4S to iPhone 5C? But how? Keep reading this article and it will show you how to transfer certain data like contacts, messages, notes and photos, videos from the old iPhone 4S to iPhone 5C.

In order to transfer the mentioned data like contacts, notes and messages from iPhone 4S to iPhone 5C, you need a third party software–iOS Data Recovery to help you. The powerful and professional iOS data recovery tools are helpful to recover the deleted data like contacts and messages from your iPhone. Plus, it is a great help to extract your iPhone data like contacts, notes, messages, photos, videos, etc, from iTunes or iCloud backup files. Quite functional.

Transfer contacts, notes and messages from iPhone 4S to iPhone 5C

Here, I want to introduce how to use iOS Data Recovery tool to transfer contacts, notes and messages from iPhone 4S to iPhone 5C. As you may have known that some iOS data recovery software like iFonebox, Dr Fone are supportive to extract contacts, messages, notes from iTunes backup and transfer them to your devices directly. But iFonebox now is unable to transfer messages to iOS devices directly. So, you can use Dr Fone to do that.

How does Dr Fone work? 

In order to use Dr Fone, the first thing you need to is to download and install Dr Fone. Two free trial versions are available: Windows and Mac.

buyNowWindowsVersion                buyNowMacVersion

After installation, run Dr Fone and choose Recover from iTunes backup. Don’t forget to connect your iPhone 5C to the computer. > Scan your iTunes backup > Preview and transfer the contacts, messages and notes to your iPhone 5C directly by choosing Recover to Mobile. The whole process is finished.

Transfer photos and videos from iPhone 4S to iPhone 5C

Now after you have transferred contacts, messages and notes with Dr Fone, you can also do the same to transfer photos and videos. But there are different steps.

After you use Dr Fone to scan iTunes backup, all data including photos and videos will also be shown. You can firstly export the backed up photos and videos to the computer. Then create an empty folder in your computer desk and copy all the photos and videos to the empty folder. Next, open iTunes and make sure you have connected iPhone 5C to computer. Click on your device and choose Photos from the detailed information. You can choose sync photos from a local folder. In other words, you can choose the created folder to sync. After that, all photos from iPhone 4S will be transferred to your iPhone 5C.


Other choices

Dr Fone is a little bit expensive, so you can also use iFonebox to do all the things for you, but it cannot transfer messages from iTunes backup to iOS devices.



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