How To Sync Recovered Messages Across iPad And iPhone

By | October 18, 2014

I Accidentally deleted a whole conversation from my phone and it is very important that I get it back and it’s on my iPad still is there anyway to get it back on my phone?”  This is a post I read from Apple Community and obviously, this user found his deleted messages on his iPad but he want to sync the recovered messages to his iPhone.

In my previous article, I have introduced you about how to sync lost contacts across different iOS devices. Actually, they are the same questions. There are ways to help this user to sync his recovered messages from iPad to iPhone.

Sync recovered messages across iPad and iPhone with iCloud

The simplest way to transfer recovered messages fro iPad to iPhone is to use iCloud. The most important thing is that you should have an iCloud account. If you don’t have, create one.

Then go to your iPad Settings > iCloud >  Turn on Messages (If Messages are not showing, it means that your SMS haven’t been backed up and the iCloud recovery option is not right for you).

Note: This method is pretty easy, but you need to know that this option isn’t available for everyone though.  Some phone carriers have this option locked down, and iCloud SMS backup is not available for all countries. You can check the list of all countries that support SMS backup for iCloud, click here.


Sync recovered messages across iPad and iPhone with third party software

Now there are dozens of third party software which can be used to recover your deleted messages and transfer them like iFonebox. iFonebox can be used to recover your deleted messages and help you extract messages from iTunes backup files. But the only limitation now is that iFonebox cannot help you transfer recovered messages to your iOS devices directly. It is said the next version of iFonebox will solve this problem. Maybe you have try other third party software if the first method doesn’t work.

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