How To Save Videos From Water Damaged iPhone 7?

By | December 4, 2017

So my phone was outside and it started raining. I didn’t even heard it and my phone was soaking wet…Can I take it in to apple and can they do something to dry it out or fix it for me? I also want to recover my videos from October 29th from my iPhone 7, does anyone know how?

extract videos if the iphone 7 gets hit by water 

What should I do or notice if my iPhone gets wet?

  1. Do not change your iPhone and unplug all cables
  2. Do not dry your iPhone using an external heat source or insert a foreign object, such as a cotton swab or a paper towel, into the Lightning connector.
  3. To dry your iPhone, tap it gently against your hand with the Lightning connector facing down and remove excess liquid. Leave your iPhone in a dry area with some airflow.
  4. Contact Apple support and have your iPhone inspected immediately.

At the same time, you might wonder how to save videos from water damaged iPhone 7. I would recommend you a reliable software-iFonebox, a professional software that is able to recover up to 17 kinds of data, like photos, contacts, WeChat messages, texts, calendar events, notes, WhatsApp messages and so on.

Main features of iFonebox:

  • Ease of use
  • 100% security guarantee
  • Preview data before purchase
  • Compatible with all kinds of iOS devices
  • Three excellent working modes for full-scan

As long as you backed your device to iTunes or iCloud before, it would be an easy task for iFonebox to extract videos if the iPhone 7 gets hit by water. Compared to recovery by iTunes, you can download the trail version first to find out your lost data. Besides, it enables you download only videos from the whole backup. iFonebox is also an outstanding transferring tool, that sounds amazing, right?

Before I show you the detailed steps to download videos if the iPhone 7 falls into water, you’re allowed to download the program on official website or here. IFonebox is compatible with Mac and Win, just make sure to download the correct version.

mac-download  mac-download

Step one: launch iFonebox

Click “Recover from iTunes Backup”, you’ll see all backups you have listed in the interface, choose the right backup file, then click “Select” button to begin.


Ps: If your iOS device backup is not displayed here, it’s probably because your iOS device has not synced with iTunes on this computer or you save the backup in other location. You can click “Select” button to choose the backup by yourself.

Step two: Scan data

It will scan automatically after you click the “Photos” icon, it might take your some time. The more data existing, the longer time it will take to scan, please wait patiently.


Step three: Restore data

Now you can recover them, choose the item you want to restore and click the “Recover to PC” button.



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