How To Retrieve Text Messages From Broken iPhone 7?

By | January 23, 2017

get text messages back from damaged iphone 7

I can hardly believe it, my iPhone 7 in my hand were slipped off to the ground, and it almost drove me crazy when I saw multiple cracks on the screen. I think I have no choice but to repair my broken device, but I really want to keep my text messages first, is there any instant or simple method to make it possible?

Have you ever broken an iPhone device before? I am pretty sure that must be an extremely awful experience. If in that way, what would you do to retrieve data from a broken iPhone 7, like text messages in the case? If you don’t have a better idea, I think I can recommend you an amazing program, iFonebox!

As a professional iOS data detect and extract tool, iFonebox is definitely the simplest way to help you get text messages back from damaged iPhone 7 directly. It enables to transfer at least 16 types of data to your computer selectively. Let’s assume a few scenarios to find out how powerful iFonebox it is.

Scenario One: Troubles like screen broken, storage deficient, and iPhone resell, you can migrate the data to computer directly with the help of iFonebox.

Scenario Two: Puzzles like data deleted, iPhone lost, and factory reset, you can retrieve missing data successfully with the help of iFonebox.

Scenario Three: Common issue like data preservation, information preview, data merging, it all can come true with the help of iFonebox.

All in all, iFonebox is certainly the best way for you to transfer text messages from corrupted iOS device. Next, please follow my instructions to complete the steps.

iFonebox, available from the following download link, it is equal vital to acquire the right version.


Step One: Launch

Run iFonebox, then keep it connected with your iPhone 7 over included USB cable, it will continue to next stage after you click the Start.


Step Two: Scan and Analyze. 

It will start to analyze the data after you click on the Messages icon. The scanning duration depends on the amount of your data, please be patient.


Step Three: View and Recover Data

After the scanning completes, you’re able to view the messages you want to recover, transfer them to computer then the process ends.


Besides, if you’ve made backup in iTunes or iCloud before, you can also recover text messages from backup? For more information, please Click here.


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