How To Retrieve Missing Contact Pictures On iPhone 6s?

By | February 10, 2017

restore lost contact pictures on iphone

I recently upgraded my iPhone 6s to iOS 9. When I open Contact, I do not see any contact pictures and I only see same default images in the circles.  It is unpractical for me to add every picture to each contact gradually, how do I get my contacts to show me pictures quickly? Thanks!

The primary actions you need to take before retrieving missing contact pictures on iPhone is that:

  1. Go to Settings>Messages>Show Contact Photos, and make sure the Show Contact Photos item has been enabled.
  2. Check Settings>Display & Brightness>Display Zoom, and make sure it’s set to Standard.

It must be frustrating and tedious to add every missing contact pictures, from my viewpoint, it sounds an infeasible idea. If you have recently experienced a similar case and have no idea how to restore lost contact pictures on iPhone, you have come to the right place. iFonebox can help you solve the problem effortlessly and efficaciously.

What is iFonebox?

There’re several key words to help you make acquaint with iFonebox instantly.

  1. Recover

As the electrical device becomes more prevalent and data loss happens more commonly, iFonebox remains unsurpassed when it comes to remarkable data recovery tool.

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  1. Back up

It is a great helper to back up at most 16 kinds of data and store them in a safe way, once you lose any vital data, you’re able to recover them easily and conveniently.

  1. Transfer

With iFonebox, you don’t have to worry about the deficient storage, just several simple clicks, important information will be saved on your computer in the shortest time.

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iFonebox is excellent in getting back missing contact pictures on iPhone by deeply scanning and detecting your device without wiping any data stored present. It works exceptionally well on almost all iOS devices, and there are two versions accessible for your computer: Mac version and Windows version.

Next, you’ll be asked to complete the below steps under my instructions, the interface is easy to use, let’s get started!

Step One: Launch

Connect your iOS device to computer with included USB cable after you run the iFonebox, if this is your first time to experience our product, you’ll be asked to give positive response to trust the computer.


Step Two: Scan

You will see this picture after you click the bold Start in earlier interface, then click Contacts icon, when the rotating circle appears, just wait in this stage patiently.


Step Three: Restore

Finally, you are able to preview and recover the missing contact pictures on iPhone, if there’re too much information listed on the interface, you can turn on the only display the deleted item at the upper-left corner.


Tips: If there’re available backup for you, you can also recover your missing contact photos from backup selectively.

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