How To Recover Mysteriously Lost iMessages From iPhone 6?

By | June 15, 2015


This apparently is not something new, but it was new to me as of yesterday. I had a portion of my iMessage conversation go missing from Friday, June 12. This is the first time this has happened and I want it to be the last.  I also don’t seem to be having any luck getting the messages back and it would appear very few people do.  If there is anything I am missing other than turning off and on or doing a restore please advise.  Any suggestions are appreciated.  I hope Apple gets this issue resolved.  Thank you. iPhone 6, iOS 8.3

The above was extracted from Apple community, pretty a long post. Apparently, this user want to recover his mysteriously lost iMessages from iPhone 6. Sometimes, you just make your iMessages deleted or lost from your iPhone and you are anxious to recover those lost iMessages from iPhone 6 or other iOS device. Unfortunately at present, I cannot make a sum for the reasons of mysteriously lost iMessages, but the lucky thing is, I can offer methods to help you recover mysteriously lost iMessages from iPhone 6.

If you want recover mysteriously lost iMessages from iPhone 6, what you need is the help from a third party software. There are tons of such software and I think iFonebox is one of the best. Why? iFonebox is a professional iOS data recovery tool which is able to recover deleted data like contacts, notes, iMessages from your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. In addition, iFonebox empowers you to extract and restore lost data like iMessages from iTunes or iCloud backup. Quite powerful. iFonebox is designed for three recovering mode: recover from iOS device, recover from iTunes backup and recover from iCloud backup. Next, I want to show you how to recover lost iMessages from iPhone 6 with iFonebox in details.

How to recover mysteriously lost iMessages from iPhone 6?

Definitely, the first step is to download and install iFonebox. There are two versions accessible: Windows version and Mac version. Free Trial Version(Win and Mac) is also available for you. But you can only preview your lost data in Free Trial Version, you can not recover or restore them. Now, after installation, you can follow the below listed steps:

  1. Launch iFonebox. Choose Recover from iOS Device mode. Please connect your iPhone 6 to the computer so as to scan iMessages from it.
  2. Scan iMessages from iPhone 6. iMessages are contained in Messages item.
  3. Preview and select the lost iMessages to recover. You can pick up the lost iMessages to recover after scanning. Just click Recover to PC to finish the whole process.
Notes: if you have backed up your lost iMessages with iTunes or iCloud backup, you can also choose Recover from iTunes/iCloud Backup mode in the first step.
With iFonebox, it is quite convenient and powerful to recover mysteriously lost iMessages from iPhone 6.

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