How To Recover Missing Reminders From iPhone 5s?

By | November 26, 2015


This may be the worlds stupidest question. My 5s running 9.1 Reminders app has flaked or I have done something wrong. There should be a Reminders card along with a Scheduled card and a email card or cards. Somehow I have lost the Reminders card. I don’t know if its hidden or I somehow deleted it. Help! I have both my iMac and iPad synced and thru iCloud and the card is missing there too. iPhone 5s, iOS 9.1

So how to recover missing reminders from iPhone 5s running iOS 9.1? The above user has described his question in details and what he needs to to get back those missing reminders. Usually, we will use reminders to keep important items or events so as not to forget them. When it comes to missing reminders recovery, no worry. Keep reading this article and you will get a solution to get back those lost reminders from iPhone 5s.

iFonebox, which is the best iOS data recovery software, is designed to recover missing reminders from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Plus, if you have an iTunes or iCloud backup for those reminders, iFonebox enables to extract them from backup without erasing any data on your iPhone, unlike iTunes and iCloud. One more thing, in order to celebrate the Black Friday and Thanks Giving Day, you will enjoy a big discount to get an iFonebox full version. Next, I will show you how to recover missing reminders from your iPhone 5s directly.

How to recover missing reminders from iPhone 5s?

Undoubtedly you should download and install iFonebox firstly. There are two versions available: Windows version and Mac version.

  1. Run iFonebox. Choose Recover from iOS Device. Please plug in iPhone 5s to the computer with USB cable. Once connected successfully, your iPhone will be detected.
  2. Scan reminders from iPhone 5s. CLick on Reminders item to begin the scanning process.
  3. Preview and choose missing reminders to recover. After automatic scanning, you can select those missing reminders and then, click Recover to Mac button to end the process.
That’s all. Now you have recovered missing reminders on iPhone 5s directly with iFonebox. Also if necessary, you can use iFonebox to extract and scan lost reminders from iTunes or iCloud backup. Other data like contacts, messages, notes, photos, etc, also can be recovered by iFonebox. Have a try.

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