How To Recover iPhone 6 Erased Contacts/Notes?

By | September 11, 2014

iPhone 6 is pretty popular nowadays. Most people are concentrated on it and waiting for it on sale. We all know that it is easy to lose or erase your iPhone contacts and notes. So when using iPhone 6, you will also encounter the same problems: you contacts and notes are deleted or erased accidentally, and you are desperate to recover the erased contacts and notes in your iPhone. How? First please calm down and keep reading this article. Here, we will show several ways to help you recover iPhone 6 erased contacts and notes.

Option 1: Use iCloud or iTunes to backup your iPhone 6 frequently

iCloud automatically backs up your iOS device information daily over Wi-Fi when your device is turned on, locked, and connected to a power source. Of course, you can sync your iPhone 6 to iTunes frequently. Once your contacts or notes are erased, you can restore them from iTunes backup files. Plus, you can export you contacts from iTunes backup into Outlook file. Very easy. But both of iCloud and iTunes takes longer time when backup and much more trouble.

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Option 2: Use iOS data recovery to recover your iPhone 6 erased contacts and notes

Usually, you can choose iCloud or iTunes to backup your iPhone 6 data like contacts, notes, messages, photos, etc. Bue when it comes to recovering erased contacts, notes and messages on your iPhone 6, you need the help of the third party software--iOS data recovery. There are dozens of iOS data recovery like iFonebox, Fone Rescue, Dr Phone. Here, I want to take iFonebox as example.

How does iFonebox work and recover erased contacts and notes?

  • Download and install it. There are two versions: Windows and Mac. Both versions are suitable for iPhone 6 to recover the erased contacts and notes. Plus, there is free trial version for you to check whether iFonebox can help you solve this issue.
  • Run the program. Connect your iPhone 6 to computer. iFonebox will scan your device automatically.
  • Preview and select what you want to recover. After the automatic scanning, all data in your iPhone 6 will be shown in the interface box. Choose Contacts Tab and all you iPhone 6 Contacts will be there, including the deleted ones. Choose your erased contacts and then click transfer all selected to device. The erased contacts will be transferred to iPhone 6 directly. So does the erased notes.

iphone 6 recover erased contacts

Note: if you frequently sync your iPhone 6 to iTunes, you can also transfer your erased contacts and notes to iPhone 6 directly via iTunes backup. You can also edit each item with detailed information. Pretty convenient.






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