How To Recover Deleted Contacts From iPhone?

By | February 3, 2015


“My iPhone was played by kids, because they don’t know how to operate, He had deleted all my contacts,These contacts are important,I want to recover lost contacts, what I should do? I hope get you helps!”

I guess most people once encountered with the same troublesome situations as this above iPhone user. Important contacts or other data are deleted by kids and you want to recover them desperately. How? Don’t panic and keep reading this article here.

Usually, when important contacts or other data were deleted from iPhone/iPad, you can restore them from your iCloud backup if you have turn iCloud on. Otherwise, if you have the habit to sync your iOS devices with iTunes, then it ls likely for you to restore contacts from iTunes backup. But if you don’t have any backup files, what can you do to recover deleted contacts from iPhone? You need the help of iOS Data Recovery.

As you may have known that there are dozens of such iOS data recovery software, so which one is the best? As to contacts recovery, here I want to recommend two such iOS data recovery: iFonebox and Dr Fone for iOS. Because both of the two can not only recover the deleted contacts from your iOS devices, but can transfer the recovered contacts to your iOS devices directly. Plus, both of them can be used to extract iPhone data from iCloud or iTunes backup files. Quite powerful and professional.

How does such iOS data recovery tool work?

The process of the two iOS data recovery is quite similar and simple. After installation the software, just take 3 steps and you can get the deleted contacts back to your iPhone or computer.

processAfter that, the whole process is finished. It is quite convenient and easy as 1-2-3 to use the tools to recover your iPhone deleted contacts.


  • Dr Fone for iOS takes more time when scanning than iFonebox.
  • Dr Fone for iOS costs much more than iFonebox.

Download Dr Fone and iFonebox here

You can download and install the software here. Both have free trial versions.

iFonebox free trial version: Windows version & Mac version 

buyNowWindowsVersion                buyNowMacVersion

Dr Fone free trial version: Windows version & Mac version 

buyNowWindowsVersion                buyNowMacVersion

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