How to Print WhatsApp Messages From iPhone With iOS 10.2?

By | January 3, 2017

print whatsapp messages from ios 10.2

“Hi there, I’m using iPhone 6 with iOS 10.2. I have one super long conversations from WhatsApp with my business partner, the contents are too long and its hard for me to screen shot them 1 by 1 just to print it out. Is that any method can do it faster? Thanks!”

WhatsApp is considered one of a famous social apps. A lot of users also will download WhatsApp on their device to connect with their friends, family, colleagues etc. Like the user above, he used WhatsApp to keep in touch with his business partner. Now he needs to print the long conversations from his WhatsApp, and he is seeking help from us on how to print WhatsApp messages from iPhone with iOS 10.2. Therefore, this article will be mainly focus on how to print WhatApps messages from iOS 10.2 iPhone.

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To print WhatsApp messages from iPhone with iOS 10.2, you need iFonebox to help you on this, which is a professional iOS data recovery tool, supporting export all WhatsApp messages from iPhone to computer and save as CSV form allows to print those messages easily. Besides that, iFonebox supports to recover deleted notes, messages, Whatapps attachments etc from your iDevice directly. If you have iTunes/iCloud backup for lost data like photos, you can choose to download them selectively from the iPhone backup. The coming up is guiding you how to print WhatsApp messages from iPhone with iOS 10.2. Keep reading.

How to print WhatsApp messages from iPhone with iOS 10.2?

Download and install iFonebox on your computer, please select the correct version when you download, either you are a Windows user or a Mac user, tap on the button below and begin to download. Don’t worry, the download is absolutely free.

windows-download           mac-download

Run iFonebox and select “Recover from iOS device”. Don’t forget to plug in your iPhone with USB cable to the computer you are using and wait until the iFonebox detect your iPhone to connect. Click Start button to begin.


Select “WhatsApp Messages” under “Text Data” column and start scanning.


After scanning done, you can select the WhatsApp message you want to print and click “Recover to PC”. The WhatsApp messages you selected will be transferred to your computer successfully.


The transferred WhatsApp messages will be stored in CSV or HTML format. Now you can click on them and print from your printer directly.

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Few steps then you can print WhatsApp from iPhone, is it simple and easy? Follow us on Pinterest too ! iFonebox

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