How To Get Back Deleted Reminders From iPhone 6s?

By | October 5, 2015


“I use this iPhone for work, and had very important data on it. Recently, I deleted a reminder when I edit a new one. After that I found I could not remember the information on that deleted one. If there is any software could help me get it back? Thanks, iPhone 6s ”

There has too many things we should remember to do. So people would like to write down on the iPhone to remind themselves timely. If you feel regret after deleted one reminder, how to get back deleted reminders becomes a big problem you should to solve at present.

To search in the Internet, it appears that iFonebox is one of the most popular iPhone data recovery products. It is a powerful iOS data recovery software to recover Contacts, Notes, Messages, WhatsApp, Call History, Calendars, Reminders, WeChat Contacts, WeChat Messages from iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Obviously, if you have iTunes/iCloud backup, it supports to extract and restore the deleted/lost data from backup file including Photos, Voice Memos, Message Attachments, WhatsApp Attachments, WeChat Attachments. It’s also able to transfer recovered Contacts and Notes back to device directly. Here I will show you how to get back deleted Reminders from iPhone 6s.

Get back deleted reminders from iPhone 6s

There is no doubt that you should download and install iFonebox: Windows version and Mac version. You can also download the free trial version: Win and Mac before buy it.

  1. Open iFonebox. Connect your device to the software with USB cable. Choose “Recover from iOS device”. Then click “Start” button.
  2. Choose “Reminders” option. Scan and Analyze the reminders data. Make sure your device connects well.
  3. Preview all data in the list, select the lost data you need to recover to PC.


Notes: The latest released version of iFonebox is independent of iTunes. That means if you do not install iTunes before, you can launch this software successfully. It is a safty and convenient software.

In short, it is quite convenient to use iFonebox whenever you deleted some reminders or calendars from your iPhone 6s. Here is a video help you better understand how to recover deleted reminders from iPhone 6s.

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