How To Get Back Deleted Contacts From iPhone 5s No iCloud Backup?

By | December 1, 2015

undelete contacts from iPhone

All my contacts got deleted from my iPhone 5s, I do not have them backed up on iCloud as I was just recently able to set that up. I still have texts from recent contacts, but they just show the numbers. Is there a way to get them back? iPhone 5s, iOS 9.1, Just recently updated to El Capitan

The above content is extracted from Apple community and apparently, the question here is how to get back deleted contacts from iPhone 5s without iCloud backup? Without iCloud backup, I think you can restore those deleted contacts from your iTunes backup if you have one. Some people will restore the whole iTunes backup to their iPhone just for contacts, yet find that some existing data like photos, messages are erased by the iTunes. So which is the best way to get back deleted contacts from iPhone 5s? Here is the answer.

In order to undelete iPhone 5s lost contacts, you need the help from a third party software iFonebox, which enables you to recover deleted contacts from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch directly. Besides, if you have an iTunes or iCloud backup for your lost contacts, iFonebox is able to extract and restore them back to your iDevice without wiping any data on your iDevice. Plus, with iFonebox, you are able to recover deleted contacts back to your iPhone or iPad directly. So cool. Other data like notes, messages, photos, WeChat, WhatsApp, etc, from iDevice can also be recovered by it. Pretty powerful.

How to get back deleted contacts from iPhone 5s directly?

It is necessary for you to download and install iFonebox on your computer firstly. There are two versions available: Windows version and Mac version. You can refer to the steps listed as follows.

  1. Run iFonebox. Choose Recover from iOS Device mode. Please connect your iPhone to the computer with USB cable so as to scan and recover contacts back to it. iFonebox will detect your iPhone automatically once your iPhone is connected successfully. Click Start button to go.
  2. Scan contacts from iPhone. Click on Contacts button to start scanning process.
  3. Preview and choose deleted contacts from iPhone. After automatic scanning, you have the chance to select those deleted contacts and then, click Recover to Device button to retrieve all lost contacts back to iPhone 5s.


Notes: if you have an iTunes or iCloud backup for your deleted contacts, you can also choose Recover from iTunes Backup or Recover from iCloud Backup mode. You can selectively get back those lost contacts to your iPhone again.

That’s all. Now under the help from iFonebox, all deleted contacts have been recovered to your iPhone. So convenient and functional.


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