How To back up WhatsApp Data Without Using iCloud?

By | December 13, 2016

save whatsapp data without using icloud

“I have some important messages in my whatsApp and when I want to backup on iCloud, it shows that I don’t have enough free space for that. So my question is any method I can save my whatsapp data in pc or where else to keep my messages there, because im using WhatsApp all the time, and im afraid I accidentally delete them one day. Thank you for the help.”

“I want to back up my whatsApp data but my iCloud full with photo backup, there is no space for the whatsApp data backup, any idea to save whatsApp data without using iCloud?”

Let me conclude the problems of our readers facing, want to backup WhatsApp data but storage limited. Is this problem possible to solve? Absolutely yes! If you having the same problem or other problems cause you couldn’t backup your data by using iCloud. This article is a must for you to read, because in this article we will be mainly focus on how to backup WhatsApp data without using iCloud. We will provide ways which allows you to save and transfer your WhatsApp data effortlessly.

If you want to backup WhatsApp data without using iCloud, you need a third party software to help you to solve this problem. In here I would like to recommend iFonebox, a trustworthy and reliable software which allows iPhone data recovery, transfer and backup data in PC or Mac, extract and retrieve data selectively from iCloud and iTunes backup.

To begin backup data without using iCloud, first thing you must do is to download and install iFonebox. iFonebox is supporting Windows and Mac version. You just need to click on the right version and begin download. Don’t worry, download iFonebox will be free of charge.

windows-download           mac-download

How to backup WhatsApp data without using iCloud?

In here, we will be taking Windows version as an example. If you are using Mac version, the steps will be the same. Keep reading.

If you want to save your WhatsApp data without using iCloud, you need select “Recover from iOS device” after you launch the software plus your phone connected via USB cable. If this is the first time you connect your iPhone to this PC, don’t forget to tap “Trust the computer” on your iPhone screen before we proceed to next step. Next is click “Start” to begin.


Select the “WhatsApp” under “Text Data” and start to scan. PS: the scanning process will take a little bit longer if you having lots of data in your WhatsApp. Just need to be patient.


After scanning done, you are able to preview the WhatsApp messages, you can select those important one or all to back them up in your PC or Mac. Just click “Recover to PC” then the messages will be transfer to the selected folder you’ve chosen.


Therefore, back up and transfer WhatsApp data without using iCloud can be done by using iFonebox.

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