How Do I Recover WhatsApp Messages From iCloud To My computer?

By | March 1, 2018

I typed a note on my way to work this morning. When I arrived at the office, I then tried to access it from on my work computer, however I found that it had not yet synced the new note. I tried going into Setting > iCloud and toggled the Notes option on and off, but it deleted all notes from my iPad. Is there a way to get my notes back onto my iPad?

transfer whatsapp conversations from icloud to ipad

Recovering only WhatsApp messages from iCloud to your computer can never be an easy task. Apple provide us the only way to get data back is to restore the entire backup to your device. However, it requests to wipe out all the data on your iPad first. As I can imagine, you may have a lot of important info on these conversations and hope you can somehow recover. If you spend a few hours searching forums but can’t find a way. Don’t be frustrated, iFonebox is powerful enough to help you transfer WhatsApp conversations from iCloud to your computer.

The following are some of iFonebox’s features:

  • Very easy to use
  • Flexible recovery: recovery from device, recover from iTunes backup, recover from iCloud backup
  • Useful in the recovery of up to 17 kinds of data including contacts, texts, notes, reminders, call logs, etc.
  • Highly effective and cause no risk to the rest of the data on your device
  • Save you a lot of time: it takes just a few minutes to extract the data from backup
  • Selectively restoration

It is compatible with almost all kinds of iOS devices and iOS systems, including iPhone X and iOS 11.2.6. There are two available versions: Windows version and Mac version, please make sure to download and install the correct version for your computer. Then you can follow the next steps to place WhatsApp chats onto computer easily.




Step one: Run iFonebox and enter your Apple ID

Run the program, then just click the “Recover from iCloud Backup” at the top right of the software. You’ll be asked to sign in with your Apple ID account and password correctly.

Recover from iCloud1

Step two: Download data from iCloud backup

After you have selected an iCloud backup to download, it will start the downloading process. You can select all to download.


Step three: Scan data

Click on “WhatsApp Messages” icon to start scanning automatically. It will take some time, you should wait patiently.

iCloud backup-select icon to scan1

Step four: Preview and download data

Now you can select the memos you want and click “Recover to pc”, then the instruction is accomplished.

WhatsApp messages scan result

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