How Do I Recover All My Lost Contacts On iPad?

By | February 13, 2017

retrieve all missing contacts on ipad

I have to reset my iPad network settings due to the abnormal internet connection last night, unfortunately, I found more than half of my contacts have disappeared off my phone this morning, which upset me extremely. Any guidance on how to recover my contact information would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!

You’re often advised to take following actions after you lose contacts on the device.

  1. First, if you were using iCloud to sync your contacts, you can check if these contacts are still at .
  2. Otherwise you will need to restore your iPad from a backup that stored these contacts completely.

These two ways are feasible to recover all lost contacts on iPad or iPhone of course, but they are definitely not the best ones. First, once you enable the iCloud contacts syncing, all contact information stored on all of your iOS device with same Apple ID will be associated with each other, then contacts missing may happens more likely than you think. Then, if you prefer to retrieve all missing contacts on iPad by restoring from a backup, then it absolutely takes up your much time and all data stored on your device now would be overwritten directly. Do not worry, we have the best data recovery software iFonebox for you that will provide ultimate solution to your disappeared data. It has a perfectly designed user interface and outstanding working modes.

What is iFonebox?

iFonebox is an excellent and trustworthy software that is specially designed for people to extract and find their missing data . It can competently recover up to 16 kinds of data, like Messages, Contacts, Photos, and more. This program has three advanced working modes, and each mode has its specific features. You can use this tool to get all lost contacts back from iOS device directly and easily without having to do so much.

Why choose iFonebox other than Syncing or Restoring?

  1. iFonebox is excellent in detecting and extracting lost contacts from device directly, you can even retrieve multitude of text data although you haven’t created any backup before.
  2. You’ll be allowed to get missing contacts back to your device directly without wiping any useful information stored on your device now. You can also regain them from associated backup selectively.

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  1. After canning deeply with the help of iFonebox, you’re able to preview the both remained and disappeared contacts on your iPhone, tick the boxes you need one by one or edit the data before recovering them.

What kind of device that iFonebox can support?

It works exceptionally well on almost all iOS devices, and there are two versions accessible for your computer: Mac version and Windows version, more information about specifications, please go to

Next, I will illustrate the steps how to find your missing contacts information, let’s get started!

Step one: Run iFonebox

Connect your iPad with the computer via included USB cable, launch iFonebox, you’ll be asked to Trust your computer if this is your first time to use this program. Then you’ll see a bold Start, click it and move to step to stage.


Step Two: Analyze the data

You need to click Contacts icon to start scanning, and it will show you a rotating circle, please wait in this step patiently.


Step Three: Preview and Search

After the scan completes, you’ll find your all lost Contacts, tick the boxes you want and recover them back to device directly.


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