How Can You Recover Deleted Notes From iPhone With iOS 10.2.1?

By | February 4, 2017

retrieve deleted notes from iphone running ios 10.2.1

I deleted some important notes and I can’t find them in Recently Deleted item, they must be permanently deleted after 30 days. Is there any way to retrieve that? iPhone 7, iOS 10.2.1.

With the help of Notes, we’re able to capture a quick thought or save something important or interesting for later. Under many circumstances, we may find that it’s a mistake to delete something we actually need. As the above case, is it possible to recover deleted notes from iPhone with iOS 10.2.1?

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If there is one flawless and most effective solution for Notes data recovery, then it is undoubtedly iFonebox . As a professional and outstanding iOS data recovery software, you’re allowed to use this tool to either recover the recently deleted notes or to restore other 16 types of missing data. Aider from that, there are three options for you in terms of recovery modes so far, and each mode has its specific and unique features, which can definitely help you retrieve deleted notes from iPhone running iOS 10.2.1.

In this case, we will be using “Recover from iOS device” mode to restore missing notes from iPhone over iOS 10.2.1. This mode is really quick and takes only few steps before your data is back in your hands. iFonebox is able to detect and extract deleted notes from iOS device directly without wiping any data stored on your iPhone now, and you can get them back easily and conveniently without having to do so much.

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I can’t wait to show you the instructions, before we start, it is extremely important to choose the right version of iFonebox for your computer.


Step One: Launch iFonebox原始界面

Connect your iPhone to iFonebox with included USB cable after you turn on the program, choose Recover from iOS Device at the upper-left of the interface. Then, click Start to next stage.

Step Two: Scan data


It will start to scan and analyze the data after you click on the Notes icon, the duration depends on the amount of the data, and please be patient.

Step Three: View and Recover.


Finally, you can view your deleted notes after the scanning, you can recover them to your iPhone directly or to computer based on your own needs.

Importance: Data loss happens more commonly than you think which is why we are all advised to create backups of all the data on our devices, and there’re some tips for avoiding data loss.

  1. Confirm first before you delete something you think don’t need.
  2. Back up your important data at regular intervals, especially for scenarios like update or restore.
  3. Use your device in a proper and secure way, do not browse webpage with potential safety trouble or install unauthorized program on your iPhone.

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