How Can I Recover Missing Contacts From My iPhone 6?

By | September 2, 2015


My wife’s iPhone 6 has erased all the contacts of the list without making anything, she never make a backup or copy in iCloud. how can I recover them?? Thanks. iPhone 6, iOS 8.4.1

It is always troublesome when all contacts are erased from your iPhone 6 or other iOS devices. Without contacts, when you need help from someone or when you need to talk with someone, what can you do? The first thing you need to is to recover those erased and missing contacts from iPhone 6 just as the above user does. So the question is: how to recover missing contacts from iPhone 6?

Usually, when it comes data loss problem, most people will turn iTunes or iCloud, hoping that there is a backup for their missing contacts. But what about there is not any backup at all? So how to recover missing contacts from iPhone 6 without any backup? In that situation, what you need is the help from iPhone Data Recovery software, which is able to recover deleted data like contacts, notes, iMessages, calendars, WhatsApp messages, etc, from iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Plus, such software is able to extract lost data from iTunes or iCloud backup for those missing data. Here, I want to say that iFonebox is just one of the best iPhone Data Recovery, for it can not only recover or restore missing data from iDevice or backup, but transfer recovered contacts and notes back to your iPhone or other iDevice directly. Cool.

How to recover missing contacts from iPhone 6?

There is no doubt that it is necessary for you to download and install iFonebox: Windows version and Mac version. Also, you can install iFonebox Free Trial Version(Win and Mac) in advance for a better experience. Next, I will show you how to recover missing contacts with iFonebox in details:

  • Run iFonebox. Choose Recover from iOS Device mode. Please connect your iPhone 6 to the computer so as to recover missing contacts back to your iPhone again.
  • Scan contacts from iPhone.
  • Preview and select missing contacts to recover. After scanning, it’s your turn to pick out your missing contacts and then, click Recover to Device button and all selected contacts will be in your iPhone 6.


Notes: With iFonebox, you can also extract missing contacts from iTunes or iCloud backup if you have backup for your lost contacts.

The above are detailed steps to recover missing contacts from your iPhone 6 with iFonebox, quite convenient and powerful. With just a few mouse clicks, all lost contacts will be in your iPhone. Next is a video shows you more details about how to use iFonebox to recover deleted contacts:

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