How Can I Read My Husbands Deleted Text Messages On iPhone?

By | January 25, 2017


view missing text messages on iphone

From female intuition, I can feel my husband is having an affair with one of his colleagues. Every night, he text someone behind me for a long time, but I can’t find anything left on his iPhone, he must delete everything. What am I supposed to do now? How can I read my husbands deleted text messages on iPhone? Thanks!

It sounds impossible to read deleted text messages on an iPhone, despite the fact that there are many scenarios for us to get them back, for example:

  • l  Delete specific the conversations of message by mistake.
  • l  Lose all messages after a failure iOS update.
  • l  Try to save some messages from a disabled device.

Let’s turn back to the above case, it would be much easier for her to view the missing text messages on her husband’s iPhone under the help of iFonebox. As a professional iOS data extract and recovery software, iFonebox is dedicated in helping users to find or transfer significant data across designated device or backup. It has three different kinds of recovery modes, and each recovery mode has its specific features, which provides more than one options for users on their demand. Moreover, iFonebox can help you retrieve up to 16 kinds of data separately without erasing any information stored on your device now. If you want to learn about how to undelete data other than text messages, please also read 3 methods to retrieve lost data from iPhone/iPad update to iOS 10.

iFonebox is supported on:

Operating System: Windows XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7 or later; Mac OS X 10.6(Snow Leopard) or later.

Importance: install the right version for your computer.


iOS system: iOS 6 or later on iPhone ,iPad or iPod touch.

Click here to get more information about Specifications.

Next, I will show the detailed instructions for you, if you’ve made backup before, you can also read lost text messages from iPhone backup. Let get started.

Method One: Read deleted messages from iPhone directly.

Step One: Launch

You’ll see a bold Start after you connect your device to computer, click it, then it continues to next step automatically.


Step Two: Scan

It start to scan itself after you choose and click the Messages icon, you don’t need to do anything until it completes, the duration depends on the amount of your data, please be patient.


Step Three: Read or Recover

You can see all of your deleted messages after the scanning process, choose the checkboxes next to the messages you want and restore them if necessary.


Method Two: Read deleted messages from iCloud backup.

Step One: Sign in an Apple ID

Run the iFonebox then click Recover from iCloud Backup File, you are required to sign in an Apple ID, remember to turn off your two step verification ahead.

Also Read: Turn off Apple two step verification before restore from iCloud backup in iFonebox


Step Two: Download Messages

Select the most relevant backup from iCloud, then iFonebox automatically download it, I would suggest you that choose messages item only to save time.


Step Three: Read or Recover

Then you are able to access and view those lost messages from iCloud backup. Just click on Messages item and scan lost data from it. You can also recover them if necessary.


For information about iTunes backup, please go to Selectively restore lost messages from iTunes back to iPhone

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