How Can I Print WeChat Conversations From iPhone?

By | February 6, 2017

transfer wechat conversations to computer to print

How do I export WeChat conversations from my iPhone 6s in Excel form, I’ve tried everything and nothing will work, is there any simple ways to make it possible? Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

It seems rather difficult to print WeChat conversations from iPhone directly, at least I was stumped when I first encountered such a problem. If you don’t have the time, nor the patience, iFonebox is absolutely an extraordinary solution which is easy to use and 100% effective. Aside from a professional iOS recovery software, iFonebox is also a user-friendly transferring tool that helps you download or migrant data to computer . Here in this article, I would like to share more information about this excellent program.

With iFonebox, you’ll find out it’s a great helper that transfer WeChat conversations to computer to print, or even more.

  • l  iFonebox is definitely a professional and trustworthy iOS recovery software, it is intently devised for a huge variety of data loss. From notes to messages, photos to audios, etc. Both text data and media data are aggregated up to 16.
  • l  You’ll be given three advanced working modes to restore, download, transfer, manage and back up your personal data, and each mode has its unique features.
  • l  iFonebox is a great helper to assist you to manage your data stored on your device and it is also the most secure way to back up iPhone.
  • l  Highly compatible with both Mac version and Windows version computer and almost all of iOS device models, please Click here to find out if your device is qualified with iFonebox.

Let’s get back to the topic that export WeChat conversations to computer for printing purpose, we’re always pursuing convenient and time-saving way to make it possible, iFonebox, an amazing software that is easy to use, which can definitely meet your demand. Next I will show the specific instructions for you. Here we go!

Step one: Run iFonebox

Connect your iPhone with the computer via included USB cable, launch iFonebox, you’ll be asked to Trust your computer if this is your first time to use this program. Then you’ll see a bold Start, click it and move to step to stage.


Step Two: Analyze the data

Then, you’re required to click WeChat Messages icon to start scanning, and it will show you a rotating circle, the scanning duration totally depends on the amount stored on your device, please wait in this step.


Step Three: Preview and Export

After the scan completes, you’ll find all WeChat messages listed on the interface, mark the checkbox next to the items you want to print, click the Recover to PC, then they will be transferred to your computer easily.

WeChat Messags

Finally, you’re able to view them as CSV format or HTML, how exciting when you use Excel to open the CSV file and view all WeChat conversations there, print them then the great task has been accomplished.

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