Free To Transfer Photos From iCloud To Google Photos

By | April 12, 2016


My wife has an iPhone and I have an Android (how will our marriage ever survive?). We’re both very attached to our respective ecosystems. Recently she uploaded a large backlog of photos from her phone to the new Apple icloud photos service and I did the same from my Android to Google Photos. Well, it seems we both agree that Google Photos is the superior cloud stirage system and we like the idea of it pooling our videos and images together to create books, collages, etc. So I set it up so her iPhone uploads all her new stuff to Google. The problem is that we want all her old photos (now stored up in iCloud) over in Google Photos. How to transfer all photos from iCloud to Google photos? Help. Thanks in advance.

To conclude: how to transfer photos from iCloud to Google photos? How to migrate iCloud photos to Google photos? For some users, they just prefer Google photos to iCloud photos, thus they need to migrate those photos. Is there any free way to transfer photos from iCloud to Google photos? Definitely yes. In order to migrate photos from iCloud to Google, firstly, you need to download all photos from iCloud and put them in a folder on your computer, and then, you can select and transfer those downloaded photos to your Google photos. Detailed steps are shared below, just keep reading.

Steps to transfer photos from iCloud to Google photos 

Step 1. Sign in iCloud website with your Apple ID and password. 

  • If you have to extract and download photos stored in iCloud, you need to sign in to get them. Just sign in with your Apple ID and password.


Step 2. Select photos to scan.

  • Now you can click on Photos pic and wait for the scanning and analysis process.


Step 3. Select photos to download.

  • After scanning, you can click Select button in the top right of the interface and then, select all photos you need to download.


Now, you have downloaded all selected photos in your computer. Now just put them in an new-created folder firstly, and then, go to Google photos to migrate them to it. That’s it. So convenient and easy.

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