Find Lost Contacts After Upgrading To iOS 8

By | October 8, 2014

As I have said in my previous article that it is important to backup your iPhone/iPad before upgrade to iOS 8. Most people lost their contacts after upgrade to iOS 8. The following two posts are extracted from the forum:

“I updated my phone yesterday to 8.0.2 and it was fine all night. This morning my contacts were gone. My messages only show the numbers, however if I start a new message then I can see the name of the contact but then it disappears again when I click on it. Can I get my contacts back? iPhone 5, iOS 8”

“The Day after I update my iPhone 5 to iOS8 I lost 90% of my contacts and I don’t know how to get them back.  Help please!!! iPhone 5, iOS 8”

If the two people have had a full-scale backup before updating to iOS 8, then there are ways to help them find the lost contacts. Otherwise, it is quite difficult to get back the lost contacts. Again, to backup iPhone before update is quite important. However, what if you have backed up your iPhone with iTunes? How to find the lost contacts after upgrading to iOS 8 under the premise? Of course, you can find the lost contacts from the iTunes backup or iCloud. Here, I want to introduce you a different way to get back the lost contacts. It is to use iFonebox.

iFonebox is a professional and functional iOS data recovery, which is helpful to recover the deleted contacts, messages, photos, notes, voice memos, reminders, etc. Plus, iFonebox can help you to extract iTunes backup data and transfer the backup contacts to your iPhone directly. Of course, you can edit these contacts by adding URL, Fax, etc and then transfer them to the iPhone directly. Learn more about iFonebox.

In order to use iFonebox, first you have to download and install it. There are two versions of iFonebox: Windows and Mac. Either version is suitable to find the lost contacts. Plus, the free trial version is also available.

Simple steps: 

Launch iFonebox. Connect your iPhone/iPad with the computer. Choose Recover from iTunes Backup.

Scan your iTunes backup.

Preview and select the lost contacts. After the automatic scanning, all your iTunes backup data will be there. Just choose the contacts you want and transfer them to the iOS devices directly.


It is convenient to find lost contacts with iFonebox, for iFonebox can help you to extract iTunes backup files as long as you have a full-scale backup before you update to iOS 8.





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