Everything We Think We Know About The New iPhone

By | August 30, 2018

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Every September, Apple invites a bunch of journalists into a dark room, where it reveals the future of iPhones. That’s the beginning of the global mad dash to stand in line and secure a new Apple device with just a few modest upgrades. The time is now upon us. Are you intrigued? Are you prepared to spend more money than you’ve ever spent on a phone before?

What Will It Look Like?

Based on unconfirmed reports, Apple will release three new iPhones this year. One will apparently feature the 5.8-inch OLED, bezel-free screen with Face ID, stainless steel edges, and the same overall design as the iPhone X, including the vertically oriented two-lens camera on the glass back. Another will reportedly come with a 6.5-inch OLED bezel-free screen—which would be the biggest screen Apple has ever put in an iPhone—as well as Face ID, stainless steel edges, glass back, and dual cameras. Think of it as an iPhone X Plus but likely with a different name.

What Will It Be Called?

This year, if Apple releases three phones of different sizes, that traditional scheme gets further messed up. Many analysts have suggested that Apple will adhere to a version of its previous “s” product cycle. That could mean that the new OLED devices will be the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Plus. Perhaps, the new LCD device would be called the iPhone 9, but that seems messy. Who knows, at the end of the day, Apple could throw the old number system out the window and go with something like “the new iPhone.” How to differentiate between the three sizes? The new iPhone Big, Medium, and Small? Who knows.

When Can I Buy It?

It looks fairly certain that Apple will announce the new iPhone at an event in Steve Jobs Theater on September 12. Sources from two German mobile carriers have also reported that pre-orders will start on September 14 and actual sales will start September 21. While none of these dates are confirmed, they would fall in line with iPhone launches of years past.

How Much Will It Cost?

This part is a little tricky. According to Kuo, the company will instead “adopt a more aggressive” pricing policy. The dollar figures currently being floated are $900 to $1,000 for the 6.5-inch OLED device. Kuo predicts that the 5.8-inch OLED device will cost $800 to $900 and the 6.1-inch LCD device will cost $600 to $700. If you consider that the average iPhone cost $724 in the second quarter of this year, you can imagine how that number will trend upwards as more people upgrade to the 2018 iPhones. Unless you’re an Apple investor, those figure don’t mean much to you. But you should start getting used to the idea of more expensive iPhones. Somebody’s gotta pay for that extra screen space!

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